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Oct 27, 2009 05:59 PM

Organic food boxes and CSA's

We're moving to Mtl in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any experience with food boxes? The only one I found is Jardin des Anges but they seem a bit pricey to me. Is it worth it?

Also, we're leaving our farmers - feels like breaking up. We've been with the same one's for years. We're looking for a CSA in Montreal for the springtime. Any comments, suggestions etc.

And FINALLY, are there neighbourhood farmer's markets in Mtl? I'm not talking Jean Talon and Atwater etc. I mean little markets that serve only the hood - Almost all farmers and maybe some ready made food, no reselling.


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  1. well the ones i know are le frigo vert, which is a concordia coop on mackay and sherbrooke. they have a variety of premade food and produce from local farmers, organic bulk, and if you become a member, you get listed prices. otherwise its a 20% mark up on every item.

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      very cool. I'll check it out. Based on the website, it looks simultaneously promising and irritating - a useful coop that's gone lightweight lefty poser militant (reminds me of the rhetoric of Con U.s QPIRG chapter in the mid-nineties) - but the terms are exactly as a coop's terms should be. Thank you very much.

    2. Before someone just posts links to other threads, I'll tell you Terre Bleu (the Quinn farm of Gazoo fame) is mighty fine. Pick up location is in NDG, so good if you're West. They are organic, but like many farms don't want to pay the hefty price for certification anymore. They're a trustworthy farm and people.
      There's an amazing new summer market in the Plateau. It's in a schoolyard, Marie Ann and Laval I think. Really cool if you're in that hood. Many organic even if not certified.

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        perfect. Thank you. I couldn't care less about certification if I can be convinced otherwise. But what's gazoo?

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          It's a shorthand reference to the Montreal Gazette which (to their credit) ran a regular piece by Nora Quinn of Terre Bleu about the operations of the farm during summer 2008. If I remember properly it was the same as the e-newsletter us members got.
          Like all organic boxes though you got to take what you get, which can (will) lead to a certain amount of dissatisfaction. They do have a swap box at the pickup though, so you do have the possibility to informally exchange stuff between members.

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            Thank you. I put us on the Quinn's waiting list. They seem lovely.

      2. Equiterre keeps a list of CSA farms on their site (in French). You might be able to get into someone offering a winter basket.

        1. there's a few threads about CSA in Montreal, like these 2:

          I suggest searching the Equiterre farms database based on your location. Then you can compare drop points, basket sizes and other options if available (meat, eggs, dairy, etc), as each farm is different.

          For your question about farmer's markets, there's a list of the summer 2009 ones here: (links to the press release and 2 market lists)

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          1. re: Chocolatine

            Thank you. You post was very helpful.

          2. While we are on the subject, does anyone know of any CSA fishing programmes, like this one in Boston ? I know a few people who are doing this and they love it- they get a box of fresh, whole fish or seafood every week. I think this would be great, since you really have to go out of your way here in Montreal to get anything fresh and not filleted.