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what to do with pumpkin seeds

so this is the time of year for pumpkin seeds. usually, i roast them with a little thyme and fleur de sel. this year, my girls asked me to make them sweet. i was going to toss them with egg whites, sugar and cinnamon and bake them "low and slow".

what is you favorite thing to do with pumpkin seeds?


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  1. Nov/Dec 1999 Cooks Illustrated has Mexican Spiced Almonds, Peanuts, and Pumpkin Seeds in its Sweet and Savory Spiced Nuts article. It includes sugar, salt, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, cayenne, and garlic.

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    1. for savory, i love either tamari, curry, or chipotle lime. but since your girls requested sweet, i'd stick with your plan...though i might consider using a blend of pumpkin pie spices and/or a little maple syrup. my other sweet favorite is honey sesame.

      1. We just roasted some pumpkin seeds last night with ancho chile powder, sea salt and olive oil. I love pumpkin season.

        1. I like to toss them with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, brown sugar & bake them until sweet and lovely.

          1. We roast some and give the rest to the rat, who is made very happy.

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            1. Roasted with nothing but salt.

              1. on another thread (all pumpkin party), a fellow hound mentioned pumpkin seed brittle. i love brittle, so that sounded terrific.

                1. We just had some great pumpkin seed rye bread - they make a great topping for the bread, though they do have a tendency to fall all over the plate when you're eating it...

                  Recipe here: http://www.wildyeastblog.com/2009/08/...

                  1. My favorite use for them is in stuffing or pilaf, with mushrooms and sometimes dried cranberries. But, for something sweet...
                    Substitute pumpkin seeds for pecans in a pumpkin pecan pie recipe. Or grind them coarsely and use to top apple crisp.

                    1. I was roasting an acorn squash tonight with a butter, maple syrup and sriracha when the idea to use the same mixture on the seeds occurred to me. The seeds came out really nice. I hit them with salt and some fresh pepper out of the oven. Came out excellent.

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                        try adding some toasted sesame seeds next time as well - great combo.

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                          Good idea. I am imagining you toast them separately and add at the end?

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                            actually, you should add them at the beginning & toss along with everything else to make sure they stick. but you can certainly use pre-toasted seeds to be sure they taste "toasty" enough :)

                      2. While making candied apples with the neighbors kids we chopped the pumpkin seeds and coated the tops of each candied apple with it. Yummy.

                        1. toast with cumin and chili powder then make a cilantro and pumpkin seed pesto. Add jalapeno, lime juice and zest a little garlic and parm.

                          1. roasted with a tad of sea salt, they provide a great salty contrast in pumpkin cookies or oatmeal cookies or white chocolate cookies...

                            toasted and layered in a yogurt and fruit parfait.

                            great addition to granola bars

                            great roasted in oatmeal

                            roasted and tossed with butternut squash or pumpkin gnocchi with sage and browned butter

                            1. I love them as an unusual garnish for soups (especially Southwestern Bean and Corn Chowder w/ Chiles, or Sharp Cheddar Soup w/ 3 Herbs) and also roughly ground into salsa verda and broiled on top of snapper, then garnished w/ whole seeds.