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Oct 27, 2009 05:20 PM

Don Pepe.. SALINAS

Went the other day hoping that it was a clone of the fantastic Don Pepe Fresno. Asked the lady at the counter what the relationship was between the two locations and she said, "My brother owns the Fresno location." Great. So, I ordered what I consider to be the ultimate Fresno Don Pepe selection, The Shrimp Cocktail.. AND..
What is disappointment! The presentation was similar but the shrimps were runts..HALF THE SIZE and not very tasty. The liquid in the goblet was devoid of spice and too watery. Had a taco too and it was ok but just ok.
I was so bummed that I went right over to El Kora for some great shrimp tostadas. Now that was deelish.
Don Pepe Fresno=A
Don Pepe Salinas=C+

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  1. Thanks for taking one for the pack, Moe. I'll make sure and stick with the taco trucks when passing through Salinas.

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      I'll second PolarBear. I've been waiting for an opportunity to go to the Salinas location. Now I have second thoughts.

    2. I like El Kora very much for the shrimp and crayfish dishes. I haven't been to Don Pepe in Salinas yet.

      El Kora
      153 Griffin St, Salinas, CA 93901

      Restaurante Don Pepe
      301 E Alisal St, Salinas, CA 93901