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Oct 27, 2009 04:56 PM

ISO Westchester Japanese that serves chawan mushi

Experiencing a serious craving for chawan mushi (an egg custard dish packed with goodies like mushrooms, shrimp, and various other goodies, depending on the restaurant and the season) and don't think I'll be dining in NYC any time soon. Are there any restaurants up here--Northern or Southern Westchester, anywhere!--that serve it? Thank you thank you for any tips you have!

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  1. Sazan in Ardsley definitely has it! We usually get it!

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    1. re: MikiLovesSugar

      Sazan was wonderful--thanks for the tip. The sushi was pristinely fresh, and such an exciting selection (things I thought I had to go to the city for), like fluke fin, fresh octopus, really excellent uni, etc. The chawan mushi was very nice. Boy oh boy we'll be back!

    2. Nishi in Ardsley. We ordered 6 of them last night! It's like a treasure box, there's something different in every spoon.

      1. Thank you for both tips. Obviously Ardsley is the place to be! Can't wait to get to both--I'd been to Sazan, but it's been a long time. Haven't tried Nishi, but will soon.

        1. Do they have Ramen by any chance?

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            They have ramen at lunch and only on certain days.

          2. I recommend the chawan mushi at Ichi Riki in Elmsford. I usually start with that then have the clams in broth followed by the cold crab salad. It's a nice light meal.