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Oct 27, 2009 04:46 PM

Vancouver: lots of suggestions needed

I need your expertise chowhounds!

I need Vancouver suggestions...and lots of them!

I will be in your neck of the woods for 2 and a half months and need as many culinary suggestions as you can fork out.

Lunch - walking distance from the convention center. Takeout or delivery only, sadly.

Dinner - anywhere accessible by public transport. Any price. Can be a dive or expensive. Any type of cuisine. As long as the food is awesome. Will be in big groups at times, or solo at times. I like to eat at a different place every day if possible, so need tons of suggestions.

Also, I welcome any Vancouver food blogs that you enjoy reading.


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  1. For dinner: I would recommend either being more specific, or just doing some searching on the boards as everything you're looking for has been covered.

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    1. re: Cancuk

      ok, well specifically, I am looking for what I should not leave town without trying.

      How about: list your top (at least) 50 favorite food places. I know I could do that for you EASILY in NY, so locals should be able to do that easily for Vancouver.

      I am not looking for anything specific....just the best food your city has to offer. I have a lot of meals to explore and can't wait to try everything!!!!

    2. For ethnic eats : try Degan Beley's blog and her Google Map

      Here are a few other food blogs of note:

      Also - scrolling back through this forum by a couple of months will generate pretty long list of restaurants (and other food-related places) for you to try.

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      1. re: fmed

        this blog will keep me happily reading for a long time. Thanks for passing it along.

      2. I'd say take a look at local food critic Andrew Morrison's list of 50 things to eat and drink in Vancouver:

        Also, take a look at Vancouver Magazine's equivalent list for this year:

        These lists will kind of give you a feel for Vancouver's culinary scene.

        Otherwise, any of the lengthier Vancouver threads will likely give you inspiration for your 2.5 months! If you post some specific favorite cuisines and such, I'm sure a few of us would pitch in some specific restaurant recommendations. Vancouver is a city of over 2 million after all (and a lot of restaurants!).

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        1. re: peter.v

          I love all cuisines. I especially like ethnic foods. I would like to try everything.

          I especially am interested in knowing what I can't leave town without trying.

          Seriously, I love all cuisines. I am looking for good food, and the cuisine does not matter.


          1. re: peter.v

            Love the list of top 50 things to eat and drink! Thanks!

            1. re: peter.v

              Peter.v I would like to personally thank you for letting me know about that Vancouver Magazine list. It turns out that I have been using this as my Bible and have been trying everything on the list. The list is dead-on and FANTASTIC! WOW! I have tried about 15-20 things on the list already and they were to die for. Thank you!!!

              1. re: chowsue

                My pleasure! Really glad to see you're enjoying the city!

            2. We were in Van last weekend and lucked upon a restaurant called Crave, on Main. Tiny, maybe 35 seats, and neither formal or expensive. We were impressed by every dish we had: crab cakes, halibut and fries, pulled pork sandwich, pasta with a braised short rib sauce. The chef has worked around the world, and I would say the kitchen really knows what they are doing. Had lunch at a funky little outdoor spot near Granville Market called "Go Fish". Definitely casual, and not for a rainy day, but really good salmon tacarones (sp?). The fish and chips looked great too. If you go into the the Granville market (or their location on West 4th) have anything from Terra Breads. Their focaccias are great for a snack, and their breads are great if you have a way to enjoy them, ie cheese and a bottle of wine in your room. I especially love both the green and black olive loaves. I bought one of their cranberry crostatas, ate it and bought more on the spot to share later, they were sooo good! Not too sweet, with a butter pastry that I wish I had the recipe for!

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                  chowsue....note that the "Place" links in Albertagirl's post were auto-generated by the Chowhound system and has nothing at all to do with her actual recommendations.

              1. Thanks for the great suggestions and the great food blog listings. Very very helpful. Keep em coming please!

                Thanks everyone!!!

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                1. re: chowsue

                  Maenam is pretty new and getting rave reviews (used to be Gastropod). The word is that they're doing for Thai food what Vij's has done for Indian. Which brings up Vij's just off South Granville which you simply cannot miss. Get there early though, like 4 or 5 for dinner, they don't take reservations and are regularly lined up well out the door and down the block.

                  For lunch you could walk to Market in the Shangri La Hotel. It's a branch off the Jean-George Vongerichton tree and they were doing a not bad $29 three course lunch, I hope they still are.

                  Vij's Restaurant
                  1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

                  1938 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, CA