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Oct 27, 2009 04:23 PM

ISO best meatball sandwich in Toronto.

Title says it all. Let your favorites rip, I'd love to try them.

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  1. i havent tried them all , but my fave is the meatball sandwich at the place in the basement of the st. lawrence market (cant remember the name) . i find it to be much more flavourful and well seasoned than the meatballs at california's or san francesco's .

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      1. re: Boodah

        A bizarre suggestion, you may think...
        There is a great little hole in the wall take out place in the industrial area of Bermondsey that serves a big fat tasty to die for meatball sandwich that deserves recognition.

        There are maybe only 2 tables --it's mostly a takeout place for the local (deco) businesses. However, if you are in search of tiles and are hungry, hit this place and kill two birds with one stone.

        Angelo's Hot Table - 20 Bermondsey. Love the veal too and everything is fresh and homemade. Check the hours before the trek. Worth the culinary schlep.

        1. re: Mitzimouse

          Nothing makes a good meatball sandwich taste better than some kind of adventure attached to obtaining one.

          1. re: Boodah

            And the possibilty of a Chowfind.

            1. re: Mitzimouse

              I'd been wondering about that place! Not sure I'll ever get there since I no longer work in the area, but thanks for posting all the same.

              1. re: Mitzimouse

                Could you please describe where exactly this place is? I drove up and down Bermondsey (3 kids in the car wondering what the heck Mom was doing) today and couldn't find it. At 20 Bermondsey, there was a tile place and another store, but I couldn't see any signage or hint of Angelo's. So please, please enlighten me or give me a landmark so I can hit this place! TIA

                1. re: chuang

                  Hopefully the link below to Google street view will work (wait for it to finish loading to see the storefront view). I haven't been there, but located it on street view in the same building as the tile place that's marked #20. I'm guessing the whole building is 20 Bermondsey, but only the tile place has the address on its awning. It's at the far right of the building from the place marked #20.

                  I'm glad you posted, because I've been wanting to go there and probably would have had trouble finding it as well.


                  1. re: CeeQueue

                    Thanks for that link. I don't know how I missed it if that's how big the sign is! Maybe the anticipation of the mb sandwich clouded my vision :)
                    I think I'll try again next week.

                    1. re: chuang

                      chuang, were you at Calabria bakery today, enjoying pizza with your adorable young son? If so, you would have seen me wondering back and forth to the pizza oven and my table, waiting for my friend to arrive to have pizza together. I was sitting near the window and smiled at you when I came in. You struck me as being a CH.

                      This was my first time trying their pizza. We loved it! The first one was a little soggy in the middle, but we ordered the second one well done and it was perfect.

                      1. re: CeeQueue

                        That's hilarious! Yes indeed, CeeQueue, that was me and my little monkey gobbling down pizza and a cannoli (who can resist?). I thought the pizza was great, nice and crisp with lots of toppings. The pizza was supposed to be a surprise for my husband, but "somehow" the whole pizza just didn't make it home.
                        What gave me away as a CH? Maybe because I oogled the boxes of pastries those guys were there to pick up and nosed my way in to ask what they were buying? ;)
                        Yes, of course we would have seen you, and I'd have loved it if you had introduced yourself! Maybe we should meet at Angelo's next week :)

                        1. re: chuang

                          I thought you might have been a CH, but didn't want to blow your cover to the resto. You had that air of excitement of a hound who's finally gotten to a Chowfind. Also, the so-helpful and friendly woman behind the counter later said you had told her you'd been wanting to try the place for a long time. Telltale CH comment, imo.

                          I managed to get to Angelo's this past Tuesday. I ordered the veal sandwich. The veal itself was a bit mushy and bland for my liking, but the bun held up amazingly well to the saucy meat and slippery toppings. The toppings were great. The owner also gave me samples of meatballs, sausage (a nice hit of heat that sneaks up on you, but not overly spicy), homemade chili and soup of the day that was navy bean. I'd definitely go back to try the meat ball and sausage, but I wouldn't get the veal again. I've discovered that I'd rather get the crispy fried schnitzel on a bun at Vienna Meats than eat mushy veal again.

                          I hope the mods don't delete this for being too chatty. I think it's such a testament to the power of CH that hounds are running into each other all over the place.

                          1. re: CeeQueue

                            I love the schnitzel at Brandt Meats in Mississauga. The Weisswurst ($1.95) on a bun is great value too!

                            1. re: OTFOODIE

                              I rarely get out that way, but if I do I'll be sure to stop by. If it's anything like the one at Vienna, I know I'll love it.

                            2. re: CeeQueue

                              I found myself unexpectedly in the neighbourhood of Anglelo's today, and hungry, so I stopped by to try the meatball sandwich. Holy mother, that is one huge sammy. The meatballs are very soft and break apart a lot so that between them and the sauce, it's almost more like eating a sloppy joe than a meatball sandwich. No wonder they serve it with a fork and a huge pile of serviettes. Very tasty. Pricing is deceptive, because they ask you in an almost perfunctory way if you want all the toppings (onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms), but it seems to be a dollar extra per topping. I think I'd get it with nothing extra next time, as all those slippery veggies made it even harder to eat.

                              Next time -- sausage sandwich.

                              1. re: CeeQueue

                                I've been to Angelo's many times and the toppings are included in the price. I think the only thing they charge extra for are cheese and hot peppers.

                                1. re: kungfugecko

                                  I'll have to look at the prices seems I pay almost $10 for just a sandwich (including tax). Perhaps the owner is chatting with me so much that I'm not really noticing what rings up on the cash. Very friendly people there.

                                  1. re: CeeQueue

                                    I finally made it to Angelo's . . . with three kids in tow. They dined on stacks of pop and had a great time of it, with help from the delightful and friendly staff. We had yummy samples, a tasty lunch, and were thrilled by the generous and helpful servers. I admit I was a tad surprised though when it came time to pay that 1 small pasta (about $4), and two meatballs with toppings came to $18. I assume it's because I was charged for a meatball sandwich ($6.50) for each meatball I asked for (she put the meatballs into a take out container with the toppings so it'd be easier to feed to the kids and we did without the buns). Anyhow, the food was great and I would go back again, but at least next time I'll be prepared for how much it will cost!

                                    1. re: chuang

                                      Found an Angelo's downtown at York and Queens Quay (Angelo's 2?), I think it's the same owners as it sounds like the same place based on the comments above regarding friendliness, samples, size and toppings. The meatball sandwich was huge - can't wait to go back.

              2. re: witloof

                Mustachio's? Uggh.

                My vote goes to Fusaro's on Spadina.

                I'm sure I'll get flack for this but I really like Subway and Quizno meatball sammos. Mr. Subs are friggin disgusting.

                Anyways - definitely Fusaro's.

                1. re: magic

                  Again Magic I agree! Mr.Sub terrible! Quizno's is good, Subway hit or miss depending on location.

                  1. re: LeaTime

                    We are in agreement. :)

                    I'm still loving Subway meatball subs, as well as Quizno's.

              3. Not in Toronto but Sinatra's Italian Sandwiches (944 Simcoe St N) in Oshawa serves a solid meatball sandwich and a fine veal sandwich as well. I don't like how they nickle and dime you for toppings, and the sauce was a little acidic for my liking but they are very solid overall.



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                1. re: Dr Butcher

                  Great pic. Looks drooltastic. Must go.

                2. For a great meatball sandwich in Downsview, I go to Trezzano Bakery. It's in a strip mall on the west side of Dufferin St., just south of Wilson Ave.. I couldn't remember the name, but due to the magic of Google streetview I found a picture of it. Best at lunchtime. There are tables if you want to eat in. Great fresh Italian style buns. Sandwich is about $6.

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                  1. re: longolame

                    I concur with longolame about Trezzano Bakery's hot table. I especially love the sausage sandwich. Their veal is good, but it's not prepared to order. It's in sauce at the hot table. Obviously not crispy, but tasty nonetheless.

                    1. re: longolame

                      Trezzano Bakery on Dufferin south of Wilson may be gone. There's an Under Renovation sign on the front window and the phone number is no longer in service. A real loss to the neighbourhood.

                    2. I'll give a shout out to Dante's in Thornhill. Their meatball sandwich is huge (I easily make two meals out of it), the meatball is good, and the sauce and toppings are tasty as well. Expensive and messy (I eat it with a knife and fork), but good.

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                      1. re: FrankD

                        Dante's moved months ago. They are now on Dufferin north of Langstaff. Is that still considered Thornhill? Dante's webiste refers to it as Vaughn while referring to their old location at Thornhill.

                        1. re: OTFOODIE

                          You're right; I forgot. But seriously, to me the whole mish-mash of Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges, Maple, Woodbridge, Vaughan is just the "north of Steeles, west of 404, east of 400" seamless conurbation.

                      2. I've recently discovered the my local Pizza Nova has a pretty decent meatball sandwich (can't say if other locations would be the same). Maybe not a contender for the best in TO, but I find it holds up very well to delivery, with a nice crispy-toasted garlic roll and flavourful meatballs and sauce ($4.79 on the delivery menu). It comes wrapped in foil and stays hot without getting soggy, and doesn't fall apart when being eaten.

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                        1. re: CeeQueue

                          I second Pizza Nova, also a recent discovery for me. They're actually really good. And bonus - as mentioned above - it's on garlic bread. Cool.

                          1. re: CeeQueue

                            I've been wondering about the Pizza Nova sandwiches for a while now.. wondering if they were any good -- so I'm glad to hear the meatball one is.

                            I've been interested in the chicken parmesean sandwich actually.. I wonder what their chicken is like?


                            1. re: duckdown

                              I was passing by Pizza Nova on my way home on this damn, chilly night and stopped in to get a Meatball sandwich to go. Got it home and and there was no cheese, double checked the menu and apparently it's extra. I don't think I've ever had a meatball sandwich without cheese on it before and it was pretty lame. I'm sure it would have been better with some gooey chese involved, but heads up for anyone ordreing one at Pizza Nova.