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Oct 27, 2009 04:20 PM

Fat Cactus Mexicali Cantina, Lynnfield MA

Well, the short lived Lucille's Fine Chicken (formerly Naked Fish) in Lynnfield is apparently morphing into it's newest concept... The Fat Cactus Mexicali Cantini. Remodeling currently under way.... signage in place.

I wonder if it's yet another Crugnali (sp?) creation or some other effort? It would be nice if it were a *good* Mexican restaurant and not another bad tex-mex On-The-Border/Acapulcos/Chi-Chis wannabee. I have little faith!



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  1. It's gottah be Joey's newest, c'mon!

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I drove by yesterday and noticed that it was open and the parking lot was completely packed. Has anyone here tried it yet?

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        1. re: crabtree

          Haven't tried it personally, but don't think I will. It's getting very poor reviews.

          1. re: sillysully

            Do you have any links to reviews?

            1. re: crabtree

              Saw some on yelp. Had been looking myself b/c was craving good Mexican. Thinking I'll head to Cielito Lindo in Beverly. Haven't been in several years but it's gotten some high praise here.

              1. re: sillysully

                Make sure you order the Guacamole apppetizer at Cielito Lindo! The Ensalada Mixta is big enough for two people and is sure to please. I also had a quesidilla with potatoes, carmelized onions, and other veggies that was to die for.

        2. I went there today for lunch, our daughter invated us. The food was terrible, and so it was service, we didn't see him much. If you really want mexican food, a real one go to Casa Blanca in North Andover and you won't go to another restaurant. I was so sad our daughter was so sad because she knew that we were trying to eat, but didn't enjoy it. Won't go back

          1. so i went to the famous fat cactus mexicali cantina today for the first time since they open for the last two weeks me and my wife were making plans to go there, the place looks great
            it makes you feel like you are somewhere in mexico for vacation, BUT the food is terrible I know what mexican food look and should taste this is the worst mexican food i ever had i spent almost 30 minutes just looking at the menu, so I had a steak fajita it was grease, the rice horrible, the Pico de gallo tasted like old tomatoes will never go Back ( Border Cafe its great or TU Y YO in somerville best mexican food)

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            1. re: ezzie

              Tu y Yo is mediocre, try Cafe Angela in Eastie or Taqueria Mexico in Waltham.

              Taqueria Mexico
              24 Charles St, Waltham, MA 02453

              1. re: StriperGuy

                Guess I have no taste but the meal I had at the Fat Catcus was better than the soggy quesadilla I had at Border Cafe. Done with Border Cafe. They just slop the food on the plate. Actually, our server at FC was very attentive.

                1. re: marilu

                  The food here is very standard California-style Mexican food. Nothing terrible about it, but nothing really great either. The chips and salsa were actually good, though. Didn't care for the beans (must be wet, creamy refried pintos to be cali-Mex in my opinion, with yellow cheese on top). The rice was actually orange-ish Mexican rice, which is on the right track. Much better than the jumbalaya type stuff they have at Border. But this place was absolutely packed (as is the Border down the street). There must be some seriously untapped demand for cheap eats in this area because these two restaurants are seriously shutting down Route 1 right now. For me, I'm happy to see someone trying to do California style Mexican around here, as apposed to the Yucatan or other regional style authentic Mexican the abounds in Boston (Angela's, Casa Romero, Tu y Yo, etc.) I will say that Casa Romero is my favorite of that bunch. Oh, and the Margarita's at the Cactus place were not good. Casa Romero has the best in my opinion.

                  Casa Romero
                  30 Gloucester St, Boston, MA 02115

                  1. re: marilu

                    Done with the Border Cafe?! Have you tried the blackened chicken or blackened catfish (both of which are under $10)? Both are always delicious...I often opt for the seasoned veggies instead of rice and beans with and order a (free) side of the chipotle-lime dipping sauce that comes with the platanos for dipping.
                    You'd be hard pressed to find such a tasty sit down meal for a better price in the area.