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Oct 27, 2009 04:13 PM

Boston chowhounder looking for Atlanta recs

I'm staying at the Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta next week, and have two nights free for dinner - would love some chowhoundy recs for dinner - nothing that will break the bank, but would loves recs for excellent food - Southern-influenced is always a plus - I don't mind a brief cab ride. Also - any lunch recs that are close to the Westin?

Thanks -

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  1. Hey Sally, here are a few places to get you started that shouldn't be too far from your hotel with links included

    -Holeman & Fitch public house and restaurant Eugene are both very popular and have great upscale southern food they are both owned by the same guy James Beard winner

    -Dogwood is another nice southern style spot, again a bit upscale

    -Carvers Grocery great hole in the wall thats a cheap spot, great soul food,
    lunch only though so don't know if that helps. no link just google it

    -Honestly it will be easier if you check out yelp Atlanta there are way more places listed than I can recall plus you check out what others think, there are tons of reviews

    Good luck enjoy your stay in the ATL


    1. There is a great seafood place called "Legal Seafood" that you should totally check out :)

      OK, kidding.

      If you're looking for southern, JCT Kitchen or South City Kitchen are your two best places.

      Disclaimer: I LOVE JCT. it's incredible...

      South City Kitchen Midtown
      1144 Crescent Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30309

      Jct Kitchen & Bar
      1198 Howell Mill Rd, Ste 18, Atlanta, GA 30318

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      1. re: mikebmassey

        HA! I love the Legal Seafood rec... Maybe I'll try it :)

        The Dogwood and JCT menus look GREAT. Thanks for the recs - I'll try both.

        Quick question - are either of them in a fun neighborhood where we could do shopping, window shopping, etc.?

        Thanks again -

        1. re: sallyt

          I second the JCT review. It's in a smallish shopping center, depending on the time you go stores could be closed. In the same center is Star Provisions is a lovely gourmet food store that has some kitchenwares as well (also serves as the entrance to Bacchanalia, a great Atl restaurant that would probably break the bank) there's a few boutiques nearby, including the superb Sid Mashburn (men's clothing). The immediate area in general is mostly design/home furnishings.

          Also in the JCT area (literally, across the tracks) is Abbatoir (same folks behind Bacchanalia), which merits checking out as well. Pretty reasonable, price wise, especially on bottles of wine.

          Star Provisions
          1198 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

          Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

          Across the Tracks
          103 Depot St, Bryson City, NC 28713

          1. re: myabsurdlife

            THANK you for the recommendations! We ate at JCT Kitchen and Dogwood, and loved them both - perfect settings, and excellent food. The fried pies at JCT Kitchen may have been some of the best desserts I've ever had... Thanks again!