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Oct 27, 2009 03:52 PM


Went to Ducroix today for lunch (used to be a El Socio, a taqueria.) It's a very cute bistro, somber but cozy décor, dark olive walls, recessed lighting, four seat bar to eat in front of the open kitchen, about 11 tables. It had a casual elegant feel to it, but i would get rid of the ugly cafeteria-style brown water tumblers. Upbeat music was piped in (French pop, Depeche Mode.)

I ordered the Croque Monsieur special - $7.50. Other specials were a poached salmon and coq au vin, all under $12.

'They brought bread to the table – very crusty Acme sweet baguette. The butter was very cold, would have been better if the bread had been warm. On my sandwich, the very good flavorful ham was NOT the jambon blanc au cidre that's touted as another special for lunch, and also in the Quiche Loraine, but the waiter didn't volunteer what kind it was, just said "different" and ran off to seat someone before I could ask him what kind it was. Not too much Bechamel on the sandwich, which is a plus to me – and good Gruyere cheese. Crispy-crackly texture on the sandwich, giving the "croque" it's due.

The special came with French fries or salad. I ordered salad, they brought me fries by mistake, so the waiter brought me the salad too, on the house, which was very nice of him. The fries were thin and very crispy, fluffy on the inside. They just needed to be hotter and they would have been perfect. The waiter automatically brought ketchup and Tabasco to the table, which I didn't need/use.

The house salad was a spring mix, with carrot julienne, cucumber slices, and cherry tomatoes well-napped in a very tangy Xeres vinaigrette. The tomatoes were sweet, although unfortunately they had been refrigerated.

The menu also boasts steak-frites for $14 and escargot de Bourgogne for $6 on its regular menu. Also a burger on a baguette. Happy hour from 5-7 pm. They are only open on Tuesday and Friday nights for dinner at this time.

Reasonably priced French wines – mostly in $25-27 range, including a Rose and a sparkling. Sadly, I didn't have any - had to go back to work.

The waiter was genial enought, but seemed more intent on attracting new customers from outside than talking to the existing clientele – though that is partially understandable as they've only been open a week and are trying to drum up business. I told him I was glad to have a new French place in the neighborhood, since Jeanty @ Jack's closed. He said "Ah yes, but cheaper! And better!"

I'll go back - curious about their happy hour, and the steak-frites, as well as the coq au vin and escargot. Been feeling the lack of Jeanty!

(By the way, the Kung Fu Taco Truck is now in the parking lot next to Jeanty @ Jacks on Sacramento, just down the street from Ducroix.)

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  1. Thanks for the report. I saw this place and was wondering if it was any good.

    And thanks for the tip about the Kung Fu Taco Truck!

    1. Is it true they stop serving dinner at 8pm? That seems incredibly early, even for SF.

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      1. re: stanshep

        i think that's because it's near the FiDi. Although that's getting better.

      2. Had the moules frites here for lunch a couple weeks ago. They were great. Wonderful buttery juice for dipping the bread (avoids the cold butter problem too!)

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        1. re: jmarek

          I haven't been back since that first time! thanks for reminding me.

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