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Oct 27, 2009 03:29 PM

best tasting meals/desserts/snacks etc regardless of calories or price

I am an amateur bodybuilder and my coach put my on a plan where I can have two meals once a week that can be anything I want. So feel free to share your favorite snacks, drinks, pastries, restaurants, and recipes regardless of calories, health, money, etc. All I'm concerned about it taste.

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  1. ahh, yes, the coveted cheat meal. back in my fitness modeling days i actually wasn't interested in anyone else's suggestions for cheats - i wanted to indulge in my *own* favorites that i had to give up when preparing for a shoot :)

    having said that, if you want recommendations for specific restaurants, stores, etc, it would help to know where you're located and/or willing to travel to seek them out.

    1. I'd go with red meat, pasta, bread and pizza. But that's just me.

      1. I live in Lower Westchester but am willingly to go into the city or queens since that is where my parents live.

        1. Are there any really good cafeterias in your area? I strongly prefer cafeterias to buffets because I KNOW no one's kids have played in the food! Anyway, a friend and I were going down the line in a cafeteria one day when a group of high school girls came in, each took a tray then headed for the desserts. They all got at least seven or eight desserts each. When I asked if their mother's knew about their dietary habits, they all laughed and said next week it would be veggies. I've never tried it, but always felt it was a fun and creative way to explore food categories. I'd probably go for six or seven entrees. Come to think of it, I have done that! The same friend and I both started laughing at my choices when we got to our table. I had picked up six or seven different cabbage dishes! '-)

          1. I'm pretty addicted to Fage Greek yogurt, not the non or 2%, the real thing. It's so insanely delicious. Especially when topped with some raspberries and drizzled with lavender honey.

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              c, i *just* posted something about lavender honey within the past 5 minutes, and i was totally thinking of you when i did it because it was about a savory item! looks like we're sharing some brain waves today :)

              the full-fat Greek yogurt is a terrific call for a readily accessible sweet/dessert indulgence, particularly because it's not exactly ice cream weather here right now. there are a zillion ways to flavor and top it to satisfy any preferences...

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                I just walked through the kitchen, spooned out a dab of yogurt, placed a raspberry on it and slurped it down. I need to post on the Chains board that I just bought the full fat of the TJs brand and it's great. And about 1/3 the price or less.

                I need to go on a honey tasting adventure. I love the lavender so much.

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                  if you search, you'll see that i've been touting the TJ's 0% and 2% for several years. in fact, i've converted several CHers :) again, great minds...