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Oct 27, 2009 03:06 PM

3 Nights in Jaipur

Following on from my posts about Mumbai, Jodhpur and New Delhi, I'll also be in Jaipur for 3 nights in February... and yes, I'm after some more chowhounder advice!

See original Mumbai thread for more background:

I'm hoping to get advice on dinner options - we'll be staying at the Umaid Mahal hotel near Bemari Marg Bani Park for 3 nights, so bonus points for restaurants nearby ;)

I haven't got any promising leads yet, but I have a friend from Jaipur who I will ask - I'll post his recommendations here once I get them... in the mean time, any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Niro's on MI Road is generally considered to be one of (if not the) best restaurants in Jaipur. My host parents ranted and raved about it while I was there. The food doesn't compare to homestyle Rajasthani food, but it's definitely very good and the restaurant has a great reputation. It's centrally located on MI Road just outside the Pink City so it's easily accessible.

    Most of the best meals I've had in Jaipur were from street stands or from places that don't have names. It might be a little risky to eat street food if you haven't been in India long, but ask around about what street stands people know of and think are safe. If you get tired of the tourist scene, you should head over to Raja Park-one of the main residential neighborhoods in Jaipur and a lot more low key than the Pink City. There aren't a ton of restaurants there, but there are amazing bakeries, the best lassi shop in the city, and some decent grocery stores.

    The most of important tip of all in India though: if someone invites you to their house for dinner, take them up on it! All of the best meals I've had in India were home cooked.

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      I have a friend from Jaipur who now lives in Mumbai with his wife (who is also from Jaipur). I've eaten at his home on several occasions, and he's invited us to eat with them while we are in Mumbai.

      I can say that the best food I've eaten was at his home!

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        I will second the recommendation for Niro's I was there last week and enjoyed a tasty meal. Unfortunately, I have no other Jaipur recommendations, we seemed not to have too much luck...

      2. Will be interested to hear where you ate, GordonS. This is not necessarily finest dining, but the meal I had at the Chokhi Dhani village was Rajasthani cuisine, and it was definitely different from the food I ate in Delhi. Lots of ghee on everything. I ate in the Gorband: