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Oct 27, 2009 02:48 PM

New Take - In Japanese to replace Yuki Sushi on UWS?

We were regular users of take in from Yuki Sushi on 92nd and Amsterdam, and now are without Japanese delivery. Any ideas on place that will deliver up to 106th Street and is fresh and reliable would be appreciated. PS--anyone know what happened to Yuki Sushi? Always seemed busy.

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  1. A place that should deliver down to you is Saga Grill, on Amsterdamn bet'n 122 and 123. Lived about it for a year, and it fit the bill for me for as a neighborhood sushi place. Volcano roll was my favorite. Also serves Vietnamese, good soups.

    Add Yuki Sushi to the list. Not sure what happened to it...

    1. Did you try Kouzan on 93rd and Amsterdam? I've switched to them since Yuki mysteriously disappeared and think they're solid. No idea what happened to Yuki.

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        The management of Kouzan is the same as Yuki's was.