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Oct 27, 2009 02:47 PM

Pink's @ Knott's

Anyone been? Is it as good as the original?

Here's a report:

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  1. "Is it as good as the original?"

    I dont see how it could be any worse

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    1. re: sdv231

      I've actually never had Pink's, but the article says that it "uses the very same ingredients" and equated long lines with good dogs. It's funny how there's so much hate on CH for Pink's; to me, it seems like an establishment and part of LA's history, much like Philippe's or Tommy's. Now I'm curious to see how *bad* they actually are....

    2. I've lived in LA for my entire life and have never been to Pinks. I've always driven by, seen the lines, and gone, "no hot dog could be worth that." For my hot dog fix I'd go to the now defunct Weiner Factory, and in recent many months Fab's.

      I still think I'll try Pink's one of these days just to get that LA experience that everyone talks about over with. Still though, the only way that will happen is if I drive by and see no line, which doesn't seem to be anytime soon.

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      1. re: ReelMike84

        "no hot dog could be worth that"

        True. So go when the line is short (think 11am or 3:00pm on a weekday) and you won't be disappointed.

        Mr Taster

        1. re: ReelMike84

          It's a shame that most of you will not recall the glory days of 1962 when a chili dog at Pink's dished up by Boris was an amazing 25 cents. It was one of the best dogs around and you seldom if ever couldn't find a seat inside in the evening. I will no longer even think of going to where lines are that long. I can buy the best hot dogs, got a great grill, can buy good buns, and when so inlcined make my own chili or use XLNT. Pinks used to thicken the chili even in 1962 by cooking down the XLNT and then adding flour to it.

          Great Grill
          126 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

        2. After my one and only trip to the Original Pink's, I waited approximately one hour and 45 minutes to reach the front of the line to order.......while I do not hold as much a negative view as others seem to with regards to Pink's and the opinion is *been there, done that*.

          If I were ever in the area, I would only stop again if there was a wait of 10 minutes or less. I did enjoy their Jalapeno Hot Dog.

          1. If I'm going that far I'm going to Portillo's. Just went today and they have a great grilled tuna sandwich for $4.99.
            Despite what people say about Pink's they serve a good quality Hoffy hot dog and the chili isn't bad. That's why it's crowded. I usually pass on the hot dogs and get the Polish dog with chili and onions.

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            1. re: monku

              Was in OC a couple of weeks ago and went to Portillo's. Now that is a hot dog. Also had the Italian Beef too! Get your hand stamped and go to Portillo's. It's just down the street.

              I don't get Pink's either. I grew up here and there were never long lines until fairly recently. I think they figured out if they got some celebrities to mention it, they would be set for life. The strategy worked.

              1. re: monku

                IMHO "good quality Hoffy hot dog" is something that does not exist in this or any other universe. I can suffer the lines at Pinks, but I cannot stomach such inferior product.

                1. re: monku

                  The hot dogs stink -- off flavors, vague texture, for the most part. If I had to make a choice, I'd go to Wienerschnitzel first even if Pink's had 10-second lines and cooked their fries four times.

                  Portillo's has far from the best hot dog in Chicago, but they serve Vienna Beef -- infinitely better than Pink's deplorable puppies.

                  I will conclude this rant by claiming that Pink's isn't crowded because of their Hoffy dogs (probably manufactured by the same people who make Pace hot sauce in New York City). They're crowded because they and most American tourists are in the same place -- Los Angeles, my home town.

                2. Pink's at Knotts:

                  Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. The place is capital W weird. Knotts took their outside grease pit food counter, stuck a Pinks menu (not complete menu, mind you) on it, and are hyping it like it's the second coming.

                  If you've never had Pink's, you should try it. It's an institution after all.

                  My preference would be Portillo's or even Costco, frankly (get it? FRANKly. HA).

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                  1. re: cem3340

                    What are they going to charge? $15.00 for a dog and $8.00 for a soda !!

                    1. re: WSB

                      Surprisingly the prices are straight up Pinks prices. I was shocked.

                      Basic Chili Cheese $3.65.

                      I think it's slightly outrageous given the quality, but not given theme park's usual MOs.

                      1. re: cem3340

                        If my memory serves me correctly at the Ventura CA fair the price was $5.50 for the basic dog, my wife and I passed it up.