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Oct 27, 2009 02:14 PM

The Fresh Market in Horsham

New grocery store near all the box stores on Welsh Road.
Anyone been there?

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  1. I've been a fan of Fresh Market for years, since shopping at one in North Carolina. I'm at this new one in Horsham about once a week. The produce is excellent - very fresh, and a few things you don't find in a regular supermarket. The fresh fish is also very very good. I don't eat meat, but I've been told that the selection is quite good and the quality is even better. My kids absolutely love the rotisserie chicken. There's also a fairly large prepared foods section. Price-wise, I think it's a little less expensive than Whole Foods. There's a terrific array of olive oils and vinegars, good cheeses, and they have interesting sorbets. Best of all? The rosemary and sea salt rolls are A-MAZ-ING. Negatives: it's not inexpensive, and even with the good quality and interesting items, somehow it still seems a little limited to me - and I'm not even sure I can explain why. But - if you're looking for fresh, high quality food, in a nice, non-traditional supermarket environment, and plenty of parking, it's absolutely a great place to shop.

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      I agree the prooduce, meat and fresh fish are superior. A fine selection of oils, spices, and prepared foods. Pricey however

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        Did a quick run-through today on the way between appointments. Produce looks good, as does the fresh seafood and meats dept., although it seems pricey to me. Only bought a couple of produce items and some bread. Walked through the rest of the store - Wegman's has a much larger and better cheese selection and their Olive Bar is $3/lb less than Fresh Market's. I thought most of the grocery items I'm familiar with were more expensive than other stores. I did not pay too much attention to their prepared foods, since we rarely buy that. If I'm in the area I might stop, but I won't be making any extra effort to go back.

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          I'm Surprised Wegmans didnt just take the whole shopping center and build a superstore like Collegeville. I Kinda hope they do, if the demographics and population density in collegeville was good enough why not willow grove?