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Oct 27, 2009 01:56 PM

Need pig for roasting

Where can I obtain a pig for a roasting? Anyone have experience with this? Can I rent a spit? Is there a company in or around Vancouver that facilitates such things?


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  1. Give Columbus Meats on Renfrew St a call and tell them you would like someone to roast a pig for you (They know someone who does it - it is approx $250 for a pig, delivered). (Or If you contact me through the site, I can give you more info.)

    1. if you're looking for a piglet (can feed around 50 people), Jovo the Butcher on Edmonds St. in Burnaby sells them for about $100. English is a second language here but don't be put off by this.

      Not sure where you could rent the spit (I borrowed mine from my uncle when we did a pig roast this summer) but if you may try some of the local BBQ shops around town. If you can't get your hand on the spit, and quite frankly, it is a pain to get the thing on there and maintain the heat, then you can get Jovo to roast the pig for you for $30 more. The Polish Delicatessen on Gilmore of Lougheed will do the same for slightly more.

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        Wow - $130 is pretty inexpensive for a roast pig.

        For spits - try calling around to some caterers. They might have a contact for on-site roasting. Another place to call is Chambar. They had a pig roast a few months ago right on the Beatty St. They probably rented their gear.

        You can buy roasters now for fairly cheap (if you plan to do this often):

        Our neighbour has one of these and used it for a neighbourhood pig roast. It worked well.

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          for the pig itself, try sloping hills farm...great pigs

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            Eastern Europeans eat spit roasted pork like North Americans eat turkey ;)

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            Checked out Jovo for the first time today. Very impressed with his cured meats so far (bought some bacon, cured beef, and cured sausages. All good.

            I asked him about roast piglet. It costs $180 for a ~40lb pig (pre-cooked weight). He needs at least 5 days advanced notice.

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            1. Kam Wah Meat Ltd in Chinatown (Pender) can provide an entire ROASTED pig (net weight 25-30 lbs) for $150 or so. Comes on its own auspicious red tray.