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Oct 27, 2009 01:48 PM

A primer on Korean restaurants/cuisine in Los Angeles?

I don't mean to duplicate content that's in the "Korean food beyond BBQ" thread but I was hoping the more informed Chowhounders would be gracious enough to compile an informal guide to what major (or minor) styles of Korean restaurants you can find in LA?

It's a style of cuisine I've been very curious to learn more about but there seems to be such a plentitude in LA's diversity of offerings that it's hard to navigate. What I know so far (or think I know) includes (and I included the restaurants I know but I'm not remotely suggesting their exemplary for their genre):

Korean BBQ (ok, this is pretty easy)

Soon tofu (BCD, Beverly Soon)

Cold noodles (naengmyeon) (Corner Place)

Hot noodles (kalguksoo?) (Olympic Noodle)

Seafood + stew (like Ondal 2) (if there's a name for this style, I'd love to know)

And please, please, please add on!

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  1. For soon tofu, there's also So Kong Dong but Beverly is my favorite. I'll also submit Chungkiwa for their mul naengmyeon which is korean cold noodles made using buckwheat.

    There's also my favorite Korean dish, dolsot bibimbap which is a mixture of vegetables, some form of protein and rice in a hot stone pot. It can also be made without the stone pot. This is available pretty much anywhere, although Jeon Ju is a place that specializes in it. I've never been though.

    1. This blog piece is helpful and could be used to come up with a list of LA Korean places for each one:

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      1. Jonathan Gold is one of my go-to resources for Korean food. I like the fact that he doesn't just write about BBQ places. Even though we love Korean BBQ, there are so many different types of food that are delicious. I feel the same way when people talk about Vietnamese food and only mention Pho.

        I always feel lucky to live in LA ,which has such a large and vibrant Korean community.

        I will add an obvious place, but it is also a place where I get serious cravings: Kyochon. Just ate there a couple of days ago.