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Oct 27, 2009 01:48 PM

Red Berry Coffee opens in San Jose - espresso fiends may rejoice

A new artisan coffee place has taken over the old Broken Door Espresso location across the street from City Hall. Red Berry Coffee is an upscale (on the inside), slick place, with knowledgeable professional service. All their beans come from bay area artisan roasters: Ecco, Ritual and Barefoot. They pull thick, inky crema-topped shots, and they also provide French press service.

My two shots of espresso have been as good as anything I've drunk in the City. Both of them have been Ecco, a roaster new to me, and I think it will become a new favorite.

So, as a major espresso-aholic, I give this place two big thumbs up. Has anyone else tried it?

BTW, they're "in training" for a week or so, and coffee drinks are 50% off during that time.

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  1. Good to see Ecco Caffe in wider use, guess the change in ownership has helped marketing.

    Ecco Caffe
    90 Timothy Rd, Santa Rosa, CA