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Oct 27, 2009 01:36 PM

Hey Lucy coming to the Annex - old Mel's Diner location

Noticed a small note in the window of the old Mel's Diner location this morning saying that Hey Lucy is opening a second location. The note said that they would be open by mid-December and would be offering pizza from a wood-fired oven.

I've never been to their existing location on King St West, so I don't know whether to be excited or not. Any thoughts?

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  1. Although Mel's was one of my favourite neighbourhood joints, Hey Lucy's is a good substitute, especially since I thought it'd turn into another damn Sushi joint.

    All the times I went to the King location, it was for their rooftop patio on margarita night, with the only food being their killer calzone. Heard the pizza's quite tasty, too, though.

    Hey Lucy
    295 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA

    1. Know it's an old post but I just went to Hey Lucy- 440 Bloor St.W - don't waste your time getting excited about the food. Stick with drinks.

      New location is a prime spot. Beautiful decor, menu descriptions sound absolutely mouth watering until it comes to the table.

      Appetizer was terrible - Garlic Cheese Bread for $7- 5 pieces of limp foccica trianges with a few sprinklings of cheese.

      3 out of the 5 meals dissapointed:

      Nacho platter $14- small rectangle platter of fried wonton triangles covered with chopped lettuce, diced tomato and again small amount of cheese melted over perhaps 10 wonton trianges. Their version of salsa for nachos?? Marinara sauce...are they for real? Pizza sauce to dip nachos. Absolute worst nachos that I've ever had .

      Stuffed Chicken on Organic Greens- stuffed chicken was 4 pieces of dried chicken on limp salad with nary any dressing...don't know how salad can be messed up so badly.

      Olive Branch Pizza- flat mess of a pizza with scatterings of black & green olives. Menu descrip read that it includes 4 cheeses...didn't look or taste like it at all.

      Lucy's Mac & Cheese tasted as good as it sounded on the menu- only winner here! At least there was one.

      Fried Calamari was alright.

      All in all, go hang out here for drinks as the staff are attentive, friendly and on the ball. They are the saving graces for close to horrible food.

      Hey Lucy
      440 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5R, CA

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      1. re: fooddiva7

        I agree...Hey Lucy is terrible. My friends and I went there for brunch a couple of months ago and a) all of our food was fairly terrible, and b) the service was actually atrocious. We had to ask for water at least three times, and one of our party never received his food. I wouldn't go back.

      2. Anyone been here in the past couple of months? Am hoping that food + service have improved?

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        1. re: eatereater123

          My friends are interested in trying this place out for dinner and their Wednesday night martini night special ($3.99) so I'd also be interested in hearing anybody's thoughts on this place. I haven't found that many reliable food reviews and somebody mentioned in a review elsewhere that they thought the martinis were watered down for Wednesdays. Is this place worth checking out?

          1. re: sumashi

            Sorry, I just wanted to clarify that I'm interested in their original King W location, in case that makes any difference in terms of food and atmosphere. I haven't been to either location.