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Oct 27, 2009 01:19 PM

Pizza Hut Wings

Late Sunday Night and Mrs CHM was working. Kids were hungry and I didn’t feel like cooking. I ordered from Pizza Hut. Pizza for the kids and some wings for me. I didn’t have a menu and asked for the hottest they have.

They did have some good heat, not at the top of my heat level but still pretty hot. Mores o than the heat was the sweet. What’s up with the sugar content in these things? I couldn’t finish them. Sticky, gooey, sweet. Anyone else notice this or did I just get the extra HFCS? I’m in no hurry to try them again.

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  1. When I first tried them a couple years ago in the sprawling metropolis of Newark, Ohio (it probably was a couple thousand years ago) that's exactly what I thought of them. Decent heat but very sticky and sweet as well.
    I wonder why it took a couple of years for them to really advertise these. Franchise wing places like Quaker Steak & Lube have nothing to worry about. Heck, BW-3's really doesn't, either.

    1. We were not impressed when we had them....

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        Terrible wings!! I will safely say I won't ever get them again.

      2. I tried the wings last night....mild.

        The texture is pathetic, not shocking considering they just put them through their oven. But they put something on the coating that was so tasty...I have no idea what it is...some kind of lard product or something? I don't know what you are saying regarding sweet and sticky...these had no sauce, just came with some ranch (or blue cheese) dipping sauce. But I have never tasted anything so tasty. I don't know what it is but, damn, that was good. Probably kills you.

        1. The spicy garlic is okay. Not particularly hot, but tasty. Not as tasty as Hooters' spicy garlic but definitely an enjoyable snack. Most of the garlic varieties are safe bets. I just had no appreciation for any of their other flavors and also thought their hot wings were just, well, sad.