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Oct 27, 2009 01:12 PM

Need suggestions pronto--planning a dinner for my boss!

Hi all--

Been living in NYC for five years but rarely get out to enjoy the hip, new restaurants when they first hit the scene...I guess I work too much! My boss just let me know he wants me to plan a dinner for 10 ppl for this Thursday, so maybe a bit last minute to get in to the really popular new places? Restaurant can be anywhere in Manhattan, price is no object, but I need to be able to get a comfortable table for 10. He simply requested a "hot, great new restaurant" that really could be anything. These are youngish, uber successful guys who like a scene and great drinks, but the food should be very good as well.

Any suggestions are SO appreciated! Thought about Minetta Tavern but I'll never get a Standard Grill good?

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  1. Standard Grill is good and probably in line with what they are looking for.

    I'd also recommend Bobo, Scarpetta if you can work some magic and get in, Freeman's (you can reserve for more than 4 people, so you might luck out), and L'Artusi.

    1. Standard Grill is a good suggestion. Locanda Verde is also a hot, happening spot now. Food there won't be as good as Scarpetta, but it's still pretty good.

      Another "on the verge of being known" restaurant is SHO. But it's less of a "scene" and more about the food.

      1. Thanks so much for those recommendations, I am going to try to get in to Standard Grill or Freeman's (Bobo and Scarpetta already shot me down). Any other ideas out there in case I can't get a table at one of these spots?

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          SD26, fka San Domenico, has shed its former stuffiness of its previous Central Park S. address. In its new, very spacious location across from Madison Square Park, the decor is modern, and there's now a definite appeal to a younger, more hip crowd.

          Photos of our meal and the space can be seen here: