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Feb 1, 2005 08:12 PM

Fleming's Steakhouse and Wine bar (moved from LA board)

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Anyone ever been? I know the one in Newport has been around for awhile . . . and I think one is coming to Woodland Hills . . . thinking about paying a visit.

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  1. My DH and I have dined at their Newport Beach location twice, and really had a great evening.
    They're the only place that's ever offered us flights of wine, and they have a fantastic cheese plate.
    But you're probably wondering about the steak.
    Ours were superb.
    Not sure how you rate Ruth Chris, but I'd say, totally on par, or better than RC.
    We ate ourselves silly, and enjoyed it all.
    As a matter of fact, recently having dined at RC, we'd go back to Fleming's before RC.

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      I've only been to the one in La Jolla dn think that it may be one of the best of the chains around. Better than RC and better than Morton's. Really like their steaks. Great and not overpriced winelist to boot.

    2. Been to the one in Manhattan Beach a couple times, large selection of wines by the glass but not very exciting wines. The steaks is suppose to be prime, but I think Costco choice steaks taste better when I grilled them at home. Not worth the money unless someone else is paying for it (expense account would be good).

      1. I must confess to being a big fan of Fleming's and have been to the El Segundo store on a few occasions.
        As already stated, their wine by the glass program (but also their sides) are a cut above. Steaks are tasty, tender and satisfying. Think Ruth's Chris without the butter which makes sense since Paul Fleming came from that organization. You could wait for them to open in the old Spago location on Sunset. Now if they only served breakfast. Dino's anyone?

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          Their sides are very good too, though served in absurdly large portions. Under-order the sides - you'll still take some home. Regarding the wine list, it's not just that they have a good selection by the glass, the staff is knowledgable and able to make useful recommendations. I'll take Fleming's over The Palm or Ruth's Chris any day.

          1. I love Flemings in Manhattan Beach, but it is very expensive and the wines by the glass seem way too overpriced.

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              The only Flemings i've tried was in Houston, Texas, in The Woodlands. It was good and it was pricey. I do prefer Ruth's Chris.