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Oct 27, 2009 01:01 PM

Palate exceeds wallets - underemployed chefs seek great Montreal moderately price dinners Oct 27-30, 2009


We are in Montreal for a meeting Oct 27-30, 2009. No car. Seek great restaurants under $25 per main dish accessible by metro or other public transportion or foot. Not a fast food or chain food fan. Enjoy fresh ingredients and good taste, ambiance secondary. PLEASE HELP. We are located near Papineau Metro near Le Village area.

Interested in best:

local specialities
your favorite can't miss spot

Many thanks

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  1. Portuguese --> Chez Doval:
    African (Ethiopian) --> Magdala:
    Indian --> Moti Mehal: or Mirchi
    local specialities --> la Banquise for poutine

    1. Hiya, here are some threads/places to check out:

      Pho in Montreal: 2009

      Ranking Portuguese restaurants

      Portugese Chicken Restaurants

      Polish: Stash - 200, rue Saint-Paul Ouest (Old Montreal) or Mazurka - 64 Rue Prince-Arthur Est (Plateau)

      Local specialties & other inexpensive ideas - see the list I posted in this thread:

      Have a wonderful trip!

      1. Pho:
        Phô Lien in Côte-des-Neiges on the other side of the mountain.

        For grilled chicken and fries, Ramados is best though not so great for dining in.

        Stash in Old Montreal.
        See also near-to-you Euro Polonia

        La Caverne in Côte-des-Neiges or Le Georgia on Décarie near Queen Mary (and the Snowdon metro).

        Not one of the city's fortes. Cuisine Bangkok in the depressing Faubourg Ste-Catherine food court (Ste-Catherine west of Guy) is cheap, filling and sometimes very good. Other places, rarely better than passable, tend to the pricey. Thaïlande on Bernard's usually a safe bet.

        Magdala on Bishop downtown for Ethiopian. Djoliba on Park Ave. in Mile End for Senegalese. Possibly the newly reopened Afrodiziac on Jean-Talon West in Park Extension for Ghanan.

        local specialities:
        Smoked meat, poutine, Montreal bagels are the big three.
        Middle Eastern food can also be considered a local specialty (Le Petit Alep, Daou, Boustan, Abu Elias, Byblos, etc. plus some great baklava shops). And the city has a few good Turkish restos (e.g. Avesta, Antep Kebab), some appealing Chinese dumpling places (e.g. Qing Hua), a Szechuan restaurant that, while uneven, can be as good as any I've encountered anywhere (Cuisine Szechuan), etc. There are also some good Haïtian restos (e.g. Ange et Ricky near the Jarry metro).
        BYOBs are something of a local specialty, too. Le P'tit Plateau tops my list.

        your favorite can't miss spot
        Would have to be one of the local bistros. For big, bustling and close to where you're staying, there's Au Petit Extra (Ontario just west of Papineau). Leméac in Outremont has a great $22 special after 10 p.m. (reservations almost always required). For smaller and more chef-driven, two relatively affordable options would be Kitchen Galerie near the Jean Talon Market (and metro station) and Mas Cuisine in Verdun (near the de l'Église station). The slightly splugier (though within your budget if your order carefully) Au Cinquième Péché on Mont-Royal near the metro of the same name embodies everything I love about the genre.

        1. Hungarian: Café Rococo it's pretty much the only place in the city...

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          1. re: devilishlyj

            "it's pretty much the only place in the city..."

            And it's not great. I went once last year and wouldn't really recommend it. Heavy, salty, and nothing special. There's so much better in this city if you're only here for a few days.

            Rococo Cafe
            1650 Av Lincoln, Montreal, QC H3H1H1, CA

          2. -Portuguese-
            Jano on St-Laurent. Choice of 5 meats for 2 people for 30$

            Thailande has one of the most authentic curry i've tasted

            Au Coin berbere - the Table d'hote may strech your wallet a wee bit but it's a Bring your own wine.
            Heard great things about Magdala, am going there next Friday

            -your favorite can't miss spot-
            Iranian (Persian) hole in the wall place called "La Maison du kabab". Pay cash only, order the hunter platter that will easily feed 3 for 30$. Assortment of grilled meats, entrees and Ash (a hearty soup). a real discovery in flavor (keep in mind you're not going fo the decor). --> 820 avenue Atwater (514) 933-0933‎