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Oct 27, 2009 12:55 PM

Macarons in Vancouver?

I noticed that La Baguette on Granville Island is now carrying Macarons. (We may be finally following the big city trend!) I was wondering if there are any other Vancouver shops carrying them and if there is enough variety in Vancouver to compare for "the Best"

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  1. I have seen them at St Germain (the Chinese French pastry chain).

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      I may be so wrong but I was at a party an they had leftover macarons (and fabulous little apple tarte fines) which I think came from CinCin (according to their menu they do offer them as part of their petit fours). They were very very good. Granted not a shop but there you go.
      Are they even still "in"?

      1. re: mbe

        I think the "are the even still in" depends on where you are. In Paris they are not trendy but just are part of the culture. I am told by a friend who just come from NY that they are "hot". From the blogs they seem to have run their course in Asia. In Vancouver I don't think they have ever been really here in Vancouver let alone a trend. But alas, as chowhounds aren't we supposed to be about quality food rather than shiny superficial trends?

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          Someone @ The West End Farmer's Market was flogging them this year and last, they really were well made and tasty.

          Maybe this is the operation

    2. i do believe they have them at ganache patisserie in yaletown...though i've never tried them.

      1. Thomas Haas on W.Broadway just opened yesterday, stopped by today and just as I was sitting down to a pain au chocolat, out comes a tray of macarons. Of course I had to try one! Had the lemon passionfruit, which was very good, was hoping the filling would have been a bit more tart since they are pretty sweet in general, but still very good. Laduree's are still my fave though...!

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          Thanks for the heads up on T. Haas -- went by this a.m. to grab an asiago scone (love them at 49th Parallel, now they are even closer), a patisserie for the SO's birthday and a couple of macarons just because. I liked the lemon passionfruit though I agree I would have preferred it a might tarter, but the other I got, ostensibly raspberry, was odd. It was sort of hollowed out and FILLED with a thinner stuffing that was whitish with tiny brown flecks. Way too much filling IMO, overwhelming what I thought were very nice biscuits, light, crunchy and meringuey. The wee cake (see pix, and PS how cute is that packaging? and how clever: they use double sided tape to stick the little pastry holder to it) had a light almost moussy rasp/choc interior and was most excellent after the birthday celebration at Chambar, worth the nearly $6 price tag and I am not generally a choc dessert fan so make of that what you will.

          Thos. H was in the house and so of course I had to ramble on at him about how I appreciated the airier feel and better circulation here compared to the N Van store. I think he gave me a free dark choc with caramel and pecan just to shut me up. Will deffo be back...

          562 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC , CA

          1. re: grayelf

            Little White House Salon Cafe in Fort Langley makes the most amazing macarons de Paris. They offer 12 flavours daily, my fav being Creme Brulee, Lavender & Cafe au Lait! Truely Tasty!

        2. I've had macarons at the T Room Bakery in the Point Grey area of W 10th Ave...they also carry a lovely buttery lavender cookie that I adore, and *bonus* they also offer a beautiful High Tea in their café (requires 24 hour advance reservation).

          1. Sorry ... way late to this party - but I have been visiting Vancouver on a regular basis since 2003 and they have ALWAYS had them.

            So confused why you thought it was "new" in 2009