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Macarons in Vancouver?

I noticed that La Baguette on Granville Island is now carrying Macarons. (We may be finally following the big city trend!) I was wondering if there are any other Vancouver shops carrying them and if there is enough variety in Vancouver to compare for "the Best"

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  1. I have seen them at St Germain (the Chinese French pastry chain).

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      I may be so wrong but I was at a party an they had leftover macarons (and fabulous little apple tarte fines) which I think came from CinCin (according to their menu they do offer them as part of their petit fours). They were very very good. Granted not a shop but there you go.
      Are they even still "in"?

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        I think the "are the even still in" depends on where you are. In Paris they are not trendy but just are part of the culture. I am told by a friend who just come from NY that they are "hot". From the blogs they seem to have run their course in Asia. In Vancouver I don't think they have ever been really here in Vancouver let alone a trend. But alas, as chowhounds aren't we supposed to be about quality food rather than shiny superficial trends?

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          Someone @ The West End Farmer's Market was flogging them this year and last, they really were well made and tasty.

          Maybe this is the operation http://www.sayseebon.com/

    2. i do believe they have them at ganache patisserie in yaletown...though i've never tried them.

      1. Thomas Haas on W.Broadway just opened yesterday, stopped by today and just as I was sitting down to a pain au chocolat, out comes a tray of macarons. Of course I had to try one! Had the lemon passionfruit, which was very good, was hoping the filling would have been a bit more tart since they are pretty sweet in general, but still very good. Laduree's are still my fave though...!

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          Thanks for the heads up on T. Haas -- went by this a.m. to grab an asiago scone (love them at 49th Parallel, now they are even closer), a patisserie for the SO's birthday and a couple of macarons just because. I liked the lemon passionfruit though I agree I would have preferred it a might tarter, but the other I got, ostensibly raspberry, was odd. It was sort of hollowed out and FILLED with a thinner stuffing that was whitish with tiny brown flecks. Way too much filling IMO, overwhelming what I thought were very nice biscuits, light, crunchy and meringuey. The wee cake (see pix, and PS how cute is that packaging? and how clever: they use double sided tape to stick the little pastry holder to it) had a light almost moussy rasp/choc interior and was most excellent after the birthday celebration at Chambar, worth the nearly $6 price tag and I am not generally a choc dessert fan so make of that what you will.

          Thos. H was in the house and so of course I had to ramble on at him about how I appreciated the airier feel and better circulation here compared to the N Van store. I think he gave me a free dark choc with caramel and pecan just to shut me up. Will deffo be back...

          562 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC , CA

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            Little White House Salon Cafe in Fort Langley makes the most amazing macarons de Paris. They offer 12 flavours daily, my fav being Creme Brulee, Lavender & Cafe au Lait! Truely Tasty!

        2. I've had macarons at the T Room Bakery in the Point Grey area of W 10th Ave...they also carry a lovely buttery lavender cookie that I adore, and *bonus* they also offer a beautiful High Tea in their café (requires 24 hour advance reservation). http://troombakery.com/

          1. Sorry ... way late to this party - but I have been visiting Vancouver on a regular basis since 2003 and they have ALWAYS had them.

            So confused why you thought it was "new" in 2009

            1. For what it's worth - last year's Vancouver Mag "100 must eat" things for last year 2011 included the pistachio macarons from Thierry -- see slide number 52 of 100 on this website http://www.vanmag.com/Restaurants/Bes...

              i still kind of like the good old mom made (Trader Joe's are quite similar) coconut macaroons ; )

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                Thought I would also mention that I visited the just-opened Soirette recently and sampled several of their flavours. They have created an adorable space and their macarons are very good, but not the best I've had. Texturally they were on target but I like pretty intense flavour in my macarons and these were too subtle.

                Also, they are small. In itself this is not a criticism (i LOVE small food) but at $2 per macaron and about 25% smaller than the ones from Thierry, they may be the priciest in town. Which would be fine if it were Pierre Herme but these don't quite live up to it. I'll stick with Thierry or begging anyone who goes to Paris or Tokyo to bring me back a fix.

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                  Cafe Fauxborg now has macarons as well...won't pretend to remember what the P. Herme ones tasted like but these are nice --intense flavours and not too sweet.

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                    The macarons at Hawksworth's Bel Cafe are pretty good.

                    FWIW, the best macarons I've had in these parts were from the Belle Epicurean bakery in the Olympic in Seattle.