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Oct 27, 2009 12:23 PM

Nice Dinner Westside W/ TV to Watch the World Series

My parents are coming up to LA from San Diego for the first time. They want to go out to a nice dinner on Wednesday, but it is game 1 of the World Series and we are all from Philadelphia. I already have a reservation at The Lobster ( I have never been ) and they said they have TV's in the bar area, but I feel like you go there for the views and if you are going to sit in the bar area, why not go somewhere else. Does anybody know of a nice place that would have good food and a TV to watch the game on the westside? I am open to all types of cuisine except mexican and price is not an issue. Thanks.

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  1. Go to Vin Bar, ask to see the World Series and have a great dinner - Vin Bar is the casual restaurant of Valentino in Santa Monica. You will sit at a high table, but it is very comfortable.

    1. Westside Tavern at the Westside Pavilion has a flat screen in the bar area and has good food, too.