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Oct 27, 2009 12:10 PM

Shabu Shabu in PDX?

Anyone know where I can find something good? I haven't been able to locate a decent Shabu Shabu restaurant in the Portland area.

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  1. Well, hot pot, the Chinese version of it can be had here, but I don't know about traditional/authentic shabu shabu.

    I've not been to Beijing Hot Pot, but I used to frequent Hot Pot City and was rather fond of it. At HPC, lunch is less expensive than dinner, but dinner has a lot of seafood on the bar that is not available at lunch.

    Hot Pot City
    1975 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR
    (503) 224-6696‎

    Beijing Hot Pot
    2768 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266
    Tel: (503)774-2525

    1. D.J.K. in Beaverton(on Canyon Rd a few blocks west of hwy. 217) does Shabu Shabu. I cannot vouch for it as I have never been, but they do advertise it fairly prominently. Also, fwiw the parking lot tends to be full.....

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      1. re: nkeane

        I've been there, and it is good.
        They also have a really good Korean seafood pancake.

      2. Thanks a bunch...I'll have to give a couple of them a try.

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        1. re: southpaw170

          If you go to DJK, please report back and let us know about your experience!

          1. re: JillO

            Will do. I'm not sure when I'll make it out there, but when I do I will definitely report back.

            1. re: southpaw170

              I thought the shabu shabu was a tad overpriced for one and even two, so I would certainly recommend going as a group to help distribute the cost.

              That being said, DJK has a lot of other great items, my favorite being the oxtail and cabbage soup.