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Oct 27, 2009 11:55 AM

Jolly Cricket Jane's Gastropub opens in Naples, Florida

Jolly Cricket, Jane's Gastropub, is the newest face on Naples' Fifth Avenue South. At the former site of pricey Zoe's, then foolilshly pricier Trilogy, Owner Jane Wood has come in at a pricepoint half that of Trilogy. Unlike Trilogy's white banquettes and few diners, the Cricket has a warm atmosphere and welcoming prices. It's good for families, couples and quartets. I don't know if/when they'll open the banquet area.

The cuisine is "gastropub", that is, a higher quality of food than usually served at pubs, and at a good price point. I've sampled some of the appetizers, entrees, and desserts-they are tasty and properly served. There's ample friendly waitstaff. Jane has probably opened more successful restaurants in Naples than anyone, including Chrissy. Jane well knows her diners' palates and their budgetsl.

There's a good assortment of salads, British favorites like bangers & mash, shepherd's pie, mac n cheese, and fancier Lamb shank, organic Scottish salmon, and 12 oz angus NY strip. Thre's innovative things-I lilke the tangerine and mint milkshake, and the on site made desserts. While chic looking Trilogy cluelessly kept prices at $30-40, there's not an item at Jolly Cricket over $30. Many dinners are under $18, on 5th Ave South, no less! .

Going to Jane's is rooting for the winning home town team. Locals know the down-to-earth, solid good quality to expect. (Val is closer to the area, and will probably do a write up before me.)

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  1. Next time I'm in Naples I'm looking forward to trying this place. I really like your website by the way, good job!

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      Thank you for the compliment.

      Now I've a Chowhound in Tampa area to help scope out the good spots! ( I ate at a great Peruvian one in the north part of Tampa ~two years ago in a little strip mall-can't remember the name...)

      1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

        absolutely, email me at askdrtodd at gmail anytime! The Peruvian place was called Ceviche Fresco, no? If that's the one you're referring to, it unfortunately closed :(

        tampa, FL, tampa, FL

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          I googled "Peruvian" in Tampa, and I am sure it was not Machu Picchu, Costa Verde, Asi Es Mi Peru or El Rincon, after seeing their writeups/photos. I was driven there, and didn't see a map. It had to have been Ceviche Fresco or Terra Sur.
          You have to try Inca's Kitchen in Naples to enjoy the best Peruvian of your life!

          tampa, FL, tampa, FL

          Mi Peru Restaurant
          1760 NE Miami Gardens Dr, Miami, FL 33179

          Terra Sur Cafe
          5358 W Village Dr, Tampa, FL 33624

          MacHu Picchu Restaurant
          3861 Tamiami Trl E, Naples, FL 34112

          El Rincon
          1939 S 8th St, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

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            Duely noted. My next sta-cation will be a trip down to Napoli for the weekend, with your blog bookmarked on my iphone :)

    2. Hey, our work group (8 of us) went to the Jolly Cricket last week for our holiday luncheon. It was very very good! (the only 'bad' thing in my view was them serving the tired old bread and butter freebie...WHEN will someone come up with something different?? On another board, a poster mentioned resurrection of the relish tray... that would be a big improvement over bread & butter!!!) Anyway, we all ordered a different lunch entree and there wasn't a bite left on anyone's plate. Fresh, nicely prepared and presented foods. I had the grilled vegetable sandwich, grilled eggplant, squash and mushroom with havarti cheese on 1 piece of ciabatta that had been spread with pesto, gave it a great flavor and thank you so much for only 1 piece of bread, since I usually discard the top piece of bread because they're usually gi-normous at these restaurants...very smart move by Jane's) Comes with choice of french fries, potato salad or green salad....loved my green salad which was made with field greens and tomatoes, none of that iceberg trash! Really, an improvement on that sandwich hands down would be adding some roasted red pepper for color & take out the mushroom, just my opinion. I couldn't see what everyone had but one of my co-workers had the beer-batter fish sandwich and it was really fantastic! Another person had Jane's salad with grilled salmon. Another had the Chicken Hot Pot, a stew with butternut squash and potatoes, topped with havarti(?) not sure which cheese but many of the entrees came with an unusual cheese topping, not just run-of-the-mill American or cheddar.
      Maybe 2 or 3 soups were under $10 but there wasn't anything over $20 that I saw on the menu. Very nice place...I'd go back.

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        Glad to hear you also had a very good experience at Jane's newest spot. I was afraid that a mediocre burger, or mediocre pizza spot would sully Zoe's/Trilogy's old spot.

        I was away in San Francisco for over a week, and got a terrific fix of funky to fine food from Big Sur's Sierra Mar to SF's Sam Woh's up to Yountville's Bouchon. The cool, foggy weather made my pants shrink two sizes, so it's gonna be tough to diet this time of the year!

        1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

          LOL...SF is top-notch, great city! What???!!! Didn't you walk everywhere to burn off all the foods you ate?? That's what we did when I visited this past January...loved the cooler temps too. Glad you had fun! I hope to go out soon to visit son again.

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            I walked my butt off, and somehow neglected to walk off my belly, too!

            Had very good dim sum at New Asia-2 ate like piglets, and bill for two was only $30. Big portions, very good pricing, and eeryting was fresh. Chicken feet and egg custard desserts were noteworthy. Must ahve been a few hundred folks there, and carts galore. Servers command of English was hit or miss, and I couldn't understand what was what. a local guy helped with orderig things like the Durian dessert.

            I now have to find time to cook from two cookbooks, Zuni, and Bouchon.

            So strange coming back to Naples, and re-adjusting my tastes to the Midwesterner oriented tastes...