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Count Chocula and Boo Berry in Toronto

Does anyone know where to find these Halloween cereals in Toronto? I've tried Scarborough Wal-Mart and the various grocery stores along the Danforth subway line. Is there anywhere that stocks these?

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  1. They don't exist here at all. Toronto based Rue-Morgue magazine did a piece on these cereals last year. The only way to get them is to make a trip south of the border or buy on ebay.

    1. Chocula was always readily available in my local Sobeys, I'm not aware of that being gone.. But Boo Berry, man I miss that cereal

      Or wait, is it Frankenberry?

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          Count Chocula used to be everywhere, but has anyone noticed that it has become harder to find this past year?? I wonder what is going on.

          As a related sidenote I actually saw Cookie Crisp, Coco/Fruity Pebbles and I believe Trix at the No Frills at Bathurst/Wilson. That is the only store I've ever seen these cereals at in Toronto. I was laffin, it was awesome.

        2. Don't forget Frankenberry, either.

          1. I'm a fan of those cereals too! I thought I was the only one left. Count Chocula is still available at College Park Metro. If you can do a road trip, you can get Frankenberry and Boo Berry at PriceRite (I hate the modern trend towards deliberate misspellings, but I digress) in Buffalo. IMHO, Chocolate Lucky Charms beat Count Chocula hands down.

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              I'll check out College Park Metro, thanks for the tip! I agree they're not the best tasting cereals in the world, but they are seasonal/festive, which is nice at this time of year. I can't make Buffalo this year, but it sounds like that will have to be the plan for next year. I'm surprised no stores sell the full set of cereals here, not even import candy stores it seems.

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                Sounds like a neat concept for a store for someone with money to burn; retro cereal! If they had Pac Man or Strawberry Shortcake I'd be there.

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                  Well the College Park mission proved fruitless so i guess we're out of luck this year. A throwback-themed cereal and candy store would be great.

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                    Really? Those fiends! They had it before. If you trust me again, try the Metro at Bloor/Spadina, I've previously seen it there as well. If you're just after the taste and not the actual product, once again I suggest Chocolate Lucky Charms; tons of marshmallow goodness. My apologies for leading you astray.

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                      Sorry to hear that. Again, per the article by folks in Toronto that are apparently addicted to the stuff ebay is your friend. On quick glance a mixed pack of 6 boxes including Count, Boo, and Franken will come to Toronto post paid for around $50. It's pricy but something to keep in mind if you get in a pinch next year.

              2. Just got back from Fiesta Farms. They have many boxes of Count Chocula. Enjoy!

                Fiesta Farms
                200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

                1. I'm not surprised Count Chocula is still around (if you dig for it), as it was the last of the 3 to be ousted from Canadian shelves.

                  As a bona-fide addict of Boo Berry, exhaustive searches have turned up nothing for Canada. I buy mine in Buffalo; shipping can be a bit pricey due to Canadian Customs regulations (so I'm told), and can take a while. Even in the States, though, they aren't offered in most grocery stores (in the southern states I think they still have them at Target, etc., especially around Hallowe'en) you still have to go to a retro candy store.

                  I just went last weekend - 4 boxes of Boo, 1 Frank, and a Quisp for hubby (yay!). I don't believe they make Pac Man anymore... I've never seen it in my cereal searchings, anyway.

                  I take exception to the "not the best tasting cereals" comment!! (ya, okay... it's blue drywall chunks with styrofoam marshmallows - but I love it :)

                  Try bellamiacandy.com - it's the store I go to in Buffalo. They have all 3 (& others) there, and the guy who runs it is accommodating & pleasant.

                  1. i soooo lucked out and got 8 boxes of frankenberry tooo happy been looking forever

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                      Seems to have been released for a limited time again (Hallow'een?) for anyone looking. Haven't tried either one myself, but thought I remembered a thread on here...

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                        Found the Count and Frankenberry up north at a Foodland. I was hoping to find a Boo Berry. No such luck. Ah well.

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                        Longos had count chocolate and boo berry if I remember correctly. Elizabeth st by the eaton center.