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Oct 27, 2009 10:20 AM

help with spinach lasagna

I'm making lasagna for dinner which I don't do very often due to the fact that my husband hates ricotta or any other cheese that doesn't slice. He loves his moms which is simply noodles, ground beef, prince spag sauce and.... ready for this?.... kraft singles. I refuse to make this. Last time I made it I think i used mozz and cheddar. ( i know.... but this is the only way he would try it.) I convinced him this time to let me add some fresh baby spinach. In my opinion there is nothing better than fresh baby spinach and san marzanos. If i simply layer the spinach in the dish will it create to much water when its cooking? Im afraid if i cook it in with the meat mixture I'll lose that fresh taste. Would love any suggestions!!

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  1. Not knowing how much spinach you intend to use.......I would cook off the spinach with salt and out the water and make the spinach a separate layer in the lasagna. Why risk too much water and soggy noodles.

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      ditto. it will lose some of that fresh taste when it cooks in the lasagna anyway.

    2. Another recommendation to pre-cook the spinach. Not only does it make things soggy, I prefer the flavor when it's been cooked beforehand.

      1. You can keep the integrity and shape of the spinach leaves if you rinse them and then place them on flat on a plate and cover with a sheet of damp towel paper. Cook for one minute and the leaves will be flat and still retain the shape. you will be able to easily layer the leaves without creating clumps. I think it still retains the good flavor too.

        1. hear you all loud and clear! Will def. pre-cook spinach.......I'll let you know! Thanks!!