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Oct 27, 2009 10:07 AM

Question about Zingerman's Sandwiches in Plum Market [West Bloomfield, MI]

I was browsing around Plum Market in West Bloomfield and noticed they have Zingermans Sandwiches there. They are $12.99. What justifies a $12.99 sandwich? Are they extra large? thanks.

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  1. Well to Compare pricing....

    I have beyond that nothing to add since I live just as close to Zingermann's as I do any of the Plum Markets.

    1. A lot of high quality meat and bread, plus (presumably) markup, plus a brand recognized for good sandwiches. They are also pretty big.

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      1. re: kevin47

        They're huge. Think of them as dinner and the price seems a lot more reasonable. I don't consider them overpriced. That said, I eat them at the source and have no idea how well they travel from Ann Arbor to Bloomfield.

        1. re: Jim M

          I agree you should think of them as dinner or something you would split with someone. My friend and I just went to Zing's in AA last month we split our sandwich and then got our own cookie. As Jim said, they are huge.....

      2. I've been able to purchase items of the same quality and size, like sea bass, at Hiller's for much, much cheaper than Plum Market. Zingerman's isn't cheap, but I'd think you're better off going across the street to Deli Unique or down the strip to Stage than getting an "imported" sandwich at Plum.

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        1. re: Fibber McGee

          Thanks for all of your replys. So Fibber, is the sandwich already made or is it made in the store? If its already made, then forget about it!

          1. re: Rheta

            I honestly don't know, although it is curious why they would carry the Zingerman name if they're actually made at Plum Market. It's not like the area is so devoid of a decent deli sandwich Zingerman's is seen as the only option.

            Decent Deli
            11144 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

        2. Hey Rheta, to my understanding the sandwiches are not Zingerman's sandwiches, but they are called Reuben's, they just use Zingerman's breads... And yes, they are HUGE! Also, they are not premade and packaged, but made to order. They're very satisfying!

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          1. re: david g

            My favorite sandwich in the world is a Reuben, sans Russian dressing. I like mine just with sauerkraut and mustard. I might need to try one of these Plum Market Reuben's! Thanks for your reply david.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Thanks for confirming this. This makes a lot more sense than Plum getting whole sandwiches. There are people for whom the bread really makes the sandwich.