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Oct 27, 2009 09:46 AM

Angelico's Coming to Glastonbury

I notice a large banner on the top of the Houlihan's building saying that it will be Angelico's on the Boulevard. Anyone else notice it? Anyone heard anything about it? I know Angelico's in New Britain and East Hampton are good so it is pretty exciting to see that they will be coming to Glastonbury Boulevard. I can't wait. Jay

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  1. I believe Angelico's on the Boulevard was suppose to open today. Anyone tried it yet? Jay

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      I had lunch at the new Angelico's this week and I must say I was impressed. The food was very good and the prices were reasonable by Glastonbury standards. The decor is the exact same as Houlahans which this restaurant replaced. The waitress confirmed that they opened on Monday and that they were very busy since.

      Our group had sandwiches which were all fresh and good sized. They came with wonderful home-made garlic potato chips which we all loved. We all agreed the place was great and we were definitely going to be going back. Jay

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        Thanks for reporting back. I hope to make it there and Piattis next week.

    2. Awful. The service was horrendous (our waiter was just fine, but the kitchen was painful). On a Tuesday night with only ten or so tables, we were there for over 2 1/2 hours. The food is overpriced and mediocre at best. The bill was close to $150 for five people with no drinks and one kids meal! I order a caeser salad with shrimp and the shrimp came on the side (I expected on the salad) and was tough and dried out. My daughter ordered the sirloin steak and it was so fatty, she couldn't even eat it (should have sent it back, but we waited so long we just wanted to finish and leave). Deserts were $7 each and the cheese cake was clearly frozen. The only good thing about this restaurant were the breadsticks - and we had a lot of them while we waited.

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        Uh oh....Sounds like the style of the east hampton location! Jay seemed to like it tho. Will have to see for myself

      2. Gave angelico's a try for dinner over the weekend,and will NOT be back. Started with a complimentary dish of peapods served with a carrot puree, which was good, however out of six peapods, 2 were limp almost to the point of being mushy. A basket of bread was brought by, wheat and calamata olive rolls, and breadsticks. The rolls were hot and tasty. Soup of the day was a tomato bean , which also was tasty, but had a faint aftertaste of, maybe, petroleum? Wasn't sure. I chose the chicken fano as my entree, chicken breast and thigh with moz, broc rabe, and prosciutto served roulade style. The dish looked great, but was served barely warm, chicken was tough and dried out along the edges, gnocchi suffered the mush factor of the peapods, and that same petroleum-y aftertaste...Could it be sterno or something? Service was good, water glasses filled, and waiter by to check in. Given the ambition and pricing of the menu, the quality so far, and far superior max's and pazzo's closeby, I don't see this place making it for very long.

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          Oops, couldn't post a pdf, and the jpg of the menu is a bit small

          1. We have been to Angelico's on the Boulevard 4 or 5 times and thoroughly enjoyed our experience every time. The food was delicious and the wait staff was top notch,
            The appetizers were amazing! I had some of the best calamari I have ever tasted at AOTB. A friend of mine had the spinach salad and she seemed to really enjoy it. My son had a cheeseburger which he loved. My favorite dish is the salmon, it's a little spicy but I loved it. Overall this is a great new restaurant and we will continue to go back!

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              Don't remember a cheeseburger on the menu....What other restos do you like in glastonbury, Will?

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                the cheeseburger was on the kids menu and is also on the bar menu. My other favorite is J.Gilbert's