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Oct 27, 2009 09:33 AM

Shish Kabob Palace - Great Neck - Zero Stars

I was the only customer in the store at 6:30 PM. Now I understand why. They have just remodeled, adding tile on the walls and new tables and more comfortable chairs.
The sign said under new management, but I did not see any management at all in the store.
Before remodeling, the hamburger platter was great. Two hamburgers and a choice of any 2 sides and a basket with pitas for 13.95. Not cheap, but not outrageous. Since the new menu was very vague, I ask the waiter what it came with and I was told fries and coleslaw. I told him I did not eat fries, so he allowed me to substitute vegetables instead. When the platter was brought to me, I was amazed, reduced to one little hamburger on a giant roll, a spoonful of coleslaw in a tiny dish and a few vegetables. I did not want to make a scene, but I went home and made dinner for myself.

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  1. When they opened they were really really good. Excellent homemade hot sauce, great eggplant dishes, fantastic kabobs. Now it is an overpriced scam joint, which GN is famous for. They will stay in business for a while, but it won't be packed like it used to be. I won't go there anymore.

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      Just got back from a disappointing lunch at Shish Kabob palace. When I approached the counter, both employees were yapping on their cell phone. Not a great start. I ordered the falafel in laffa and a chick kabob in laffa. I almost canceled my order when I saw the laffa head into the microwave. Couldn't the 'chef' put them on the grill to start? Not too difficult to think of that. The laffa's were small, falafel not good, chick on the bland side. The fillings were okay. For a $12 chicken I expect better. Will not go their again, its insulting to the cuisine. Little hope for decent chow in GN

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        Try the Israeli "Banh Mi" at Tel Aviv Steakhouse up Middleneck Road by the Village Green and Post Office. I found out about it from fellow hound and Newsday food writer Erica Marcus and it is a great sandwich made with shwarma pickled vegtables and hot sauce. She likes many other things on the menu but I have yet to find anything else I like to eat there. As for the Shish Kabob place, no matter how many times they change owners the food stinks. When was that place good? NYJ, have you read about Lola? Check the board reports with the links to Newsday, it looks excellent. No love for Ethos? Where are you eating in GN these days as things are terrible when it comes to finding good food there.

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          I think the place was good when it first opened, years ago. Maybe 95 or so. You are right on all accounts about it now.

          Not sure what Lola is, nor Ethos. I don't eat in GN much.

          I will try the sandwhich though. Thanks!

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            Are Lola or Ethos kosher? I can't find any listings for them in the usual kosher databases.

            1. re: GilaB

              Sorry they are not, I was directing that info at NYJB who does not keep kosher, sorry.