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Oct 27, 2009 09:21 AM

Dodiyos- Birmingham

Has anyone tried this new place- it's where Tria Market was- it's Greek and looks great- went to a store nearby and I asked and they said food was wonderful.

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  1. I went for the first time last night. Based primarily on several glowing reviews that were posted on, I had pretty high expectations. Although it wasn’t bad, it did not meet those expectations.

    I started with the grilled octopus as an appetizer which was served in a lemon-garlic sauce. Although it had a good flavor, it was tough and rubbery. I then had the cassoulet as an entrée. Unlike traditional cassoulet, this had pasta in addition to beans. It was a huge portion (enough for two), but there was a little too much going on with it. Although the online menu lists it as one of their standard dishes, it was not on last night's printed menu and the waiter said it was a special. In fact, a number of dishes on the online menu were not on last night's menu, so don't assume that any particular item listed on the online menu will be served when you go (call ahead if you have your heart set on something to make sure they are currently serving it).

    My buddy started with the Basque-style mussels (served in a tomato broth) and had the lamb kabobs for his entree. I had one of the mussles and thought it was a tad on the fishy side, although he said that he did not get that from them. He pronounced them OK but not great. He said that the lamb had a very good flavor, but were tough (I hope that tough dishes is not a pattern out of that kitchen). He had some bakalva for dessert--I had a bite and it was very good.

    Service was efficient, and the waiter seemed knowledgeable of what was on the menu. Although they have portrayed it as having a lot of all-around Mediterranean influences, it leans heavily toward Greek. The vast majority of entrees top out at around $20, so it is not terribly pricey. The space is very nice--they obvioulsy spent a good deal of money renovating the old Tria space.

    There were a number of interesting dishes on the menu and it is very convenient as I live in Homewood, so I will try it again. However, the first impression was less than fantastic.

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      thanks- may try it soon!! what is cassoulet?

    2. Is the market part open too? Has anyone checked it out yet?

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        restaurant only-= Tria is gone- going tonight for dinner- heard the tuna tartare app was great

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          No, they actually do have a market in the rear of the space in the area where Tria's cheese counter was. But, I did not venture back there on my visit last week.

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            We went last night - 6:30- crowded but able to get a table- tried the tuna tartare app- fabulous!! I had lamb chops- 2 had sandwiches- Mom ordered snapper but when it arrived it was not snapper -she picked at it and they asked about our meal and she said this fish is not snapper- they took it off the bill- great PR- connie kanakis was walking around restaurant all night long- plan to go back- great menu

            1. re: hlsess

              George Sarris is notorious for substituting tilapia for snapper. Points to your mother for calling him on it!

      2. Went the first week they opened, and there were some usual problems: lackluster service, things already taken off the menu, bad timing, etc. Went back today for lunch, and it was great. Affordable. Gargantuan portions. One thing I really appreciate is the burger is local free-range, grass-fed beef from a farm I've bought from before (Boutwell Farms). Great stuff. I'm not sure if the ground beef in the cabbage rolls were the same, but I hope so. They were delicious! I'll have a hard time not ordering them every time.

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          I went back for a second visit on Friday night, and it was excellent (somewhat in contrast to my first visit). We started with the hummus, which was top-notch. They serve it with a mortar and pestle so that you can mash up the chickpeas to your preferred level of smoothness.

          For my entree, I had the spaghetti a la Barcelona, which came in a spicy tomato/garlic/wine sauce with shrimp, scallops and mussels. My friends all enjoyed their entrees (grouper, triggerfish and the steer butt steak) as well, but everyone agreed that I out-ordered them. I will definitely be going back soon.

          1. re: pinotboy

            You know a place has confidence in its food when it calls the cut "steer butt steak" instead of the more genteel "top sirloin."