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Oct 27, 2009 09:19 AM

Where to buy Quinces in DC?

The Tunisian Lamb Stew on the front page of Chow is taunting me. Where to buy quinces in DC?

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  1. Ask around at farmer's markets. A lot of apple orchards keep them around for pollination but don't harvest them, so you may have to ask them to specially pick you some.

    If that fails, I have found them at Whole Foods. However, you have to be assertive. I called ahead once and the produce manager assured me he had them. I went to the store after work and couldn't find any. The man working there said he didn't have any. I told him about my converstion with the manager and he still swore he didn't have any. I begged him to look in the back, and lo and behold, boxes full!

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    1. re: katecm

      Which Whole Foods was it? I have a car and am willing to go searching.

      1. re: Flaxen_Vixen

        This was Tenleytown, but start by calling the ones nearest you. The produce managers there tend to be really helpful.

      2. Super Grand Mart in Laurel (and probably other places too). I think 99 cents a pound.

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        1. re: cfoodie

          Seconded! I was there today, and they have huge containers of them.

          1. re: Mer_Made

            they had them at the farmers market in bethesda on saturday

        2. If you're still looking, Balducci's in McLean had them yesterday (November 2).

          1. ethnic markets! korean, middle eastern of any stripe.... they're everywhere in dc. 355 behind south of the border across from congressional plaza. lotte in wheaton. there are many in NoVa too.

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            1. re: lil magill

              Is quince season over? Has anyone seen them recently and if so where?

            2. I just saw quinces at the Safeway at 5th and L. Incidentally, the Superbowl is an excellent time for shopping--the place was practically empty.