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Oct 27, 2009 08:57 AM

Need Range Recs: 30", Dual Fuel, White

My dear old mother's in the market for a new range for her home kitchen, and she's hit me up asking for help in choosing one. She's got these specifications:

1. Size: 30"
2. Dual-Fuel
3. White (for whatever reason, she hates stainless steel finishes)

Nothing else is all that important after satisfying those three criteria, besides the typical "I just want one that works, and when I set it to 450 will actually heat up to 450!". I myself have never purchased a range, and so can't really give her a personal recommendation. Anyone have any help they can give her? Thanks!

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  1. Bosch Evolution 700 Series HDS7052U. There's also the perk of the half shelf and the warming oven.