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Oct 27, 2009 08:51 AM

Somunanjib weekday bulgogi/bibimbap lunch buffet

I have already mentioned this in the best Korean thread but I really want to state what a good option this is for Korean food during weekday lunch.

The interior is spartan and there aren't really even buffet tables. Everything hot comes out of crockpots but its fine Korean home cooking. There is typically a hot soup, then a chicken bulgogi, pork bulgogi, beef bulgogi, fried eggs, and a spicy mackerel with daikon.

In addition, you have a decent array of side dishes such as mushroom with zuccini, sauteed spinach with sesame seeds, sauteed bean sprouts, radish kimchee, mul (water) kimchee (its really like a white kimchee), shredded carrots, and a wide variety of fresh lettuce.

wide array of sauces such as samjjang (fremented spicy bean sauce), gochujang, a few others....

So you can compose your own bibimbap by putting rice on the bottom of the bowl, topping with whatever meat you want, whatever veggie you want, top with fried egg, top with gochujang. Then you can go back and eat some more meat in ssam form (wrapped up in lettuce with kimchee, garlic, jalapeno).

Also I believe they have zaru soba on the buffet ( soba noodles, soba sauce, wasabi, grated daikon, diced green onion).

Last week when I went the price was $7.99 and it is located in the Han Yang shopping center at Lamar and Justin with the English name of Korean Food and Drink. Its next to the Karaoke place.

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  1. In addition, they have dinner and weekend buffet for $11.99 now. (For those of us who don't work in that area.)

    They also have Korean Fried Chicken on the menu, but I haven't tried it. Owner and staff are very friendly.

    Speaking of Korean food, I hate to say it, but Buffet Palace (owned and run by Koreans) at Westgate actually has some nice, and atypical (at least around Austin), Korean dishes. Where else can you get white kimchee, grilled sliced pork belly in chili marinade, and Korean octopus ceviche?

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      I am not ashamed to say that one of my guilty pleasures is to go to buffet palace and munch on a plate of kimchee, steamed rice, their fried chicken wings (fresh out of the fryer) and an ice cold beer.

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        is the weekend buffet much different, given the 50% price difference?

        sadly, my office is too far away to partake on a workday, but i could definitely head over for the weekend buffet.

      2. I stopped in for lunch yesterday and will say that this is one of the better lunch deals around. BiBimBap was very tasty in both the beef and pork form. Had some cabbage cooked in some way with mackerel that was wonderful. With tax and tip it was $10 and I tip way too generously.