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Oct 27, 2009 08:30 AM

Chicken (Italian) Dinners in Toronto -- HELP!

I am trying to find an Italian restaurant with classics such as Chicken Piccata, Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken Marsala or Chicken Parmigian. I have looked at many many menus online and find lots of meat and fish/seafood options but cannot seem to find any of these -- am I missing something or do Italian restuarants in Toronto not offer mains like these?

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  1. Tell me about it!

    I made this exact same type of post earlier in the year and got maybe 1 or 2 suggestions in response.. Neither were as good as what I can get here in Brampton & Mississauga

    Apparently "chicken parm" is too Americanized for Italian restauraunts to preapre.. Enough with the seafood already, I agree.

    My favorite Chicken parm dinners come from Tony & Jim's in Brampton, Pomodoro's in Brampton, and La Cappanina in Brampton.

    I've also had it at Toscana (or something like that) located around Derry & Financial but I don't recall how good it was

    You are right that it appears next to impossible to find this dish downtown, probably because everyone is trying to cater to hipster doofuses

    Good luck, let me know if you find a good one anywhere else.

    1. Casa di Giorgio in the Beach has chicken parm on the menu. Haven't tried it.

      1. I don't usually order Veal Parm outside of an Italian old-school bakery/deli setting, so can't help you there, but I've had delicious versions of Piccata and Marsala at Giancarlo Trattoria, La Bruschetta, and Coppi. In fact I'm not even sure that they have them on the menu, but am positive I've had each version at each place and left very happy, so I'm sure they will all make it. I've also tried it with both chicken and veal.

        1. Try Fratelli's Village Pizzeria. They have chicken parm on their menu. I haven't tried it, but if the quality is like the rest of their menu then it's definitely worth the trip. Very good service, atmosphere and quality of food. They also have a dish called chicken pizzaiola which is served with spaghetti. Fratelli's is in the east end in Highland Creek Village (Old Kingston Rd.).

          384 Old Kingston Rd.,

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            Rave reviews on this place but I live *nowhere* near here.. However due to the posters that rate it highly, I would believe they are right...

          2. I have never eaten at Quattro Ragazze, and they have had some so-so reviews recently but they have some of what you mentioned on the menu.

            Pollo Ripiene $18.00
            Stuffed chicken with prosciutto, mushrooms, mozzarella in a Marsala wine sauce

            Chicken Calabrese $18.00
            Chicken saute with onions, mushrooms, peppers, capers, olives, artichokes

            Portobello $18.00
            Chicken breast, prosciutto, Gorgonzola, bocconcini, spinach

            Chicken or Veal parmiggiano with spaghetti in tomato sauce $17