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Oct 27, 2009 08:27 AM

Where can I purchase duck legs and thighs?

For the past few years I have made duck confit for the holidays and able to purchase large quantities of duck legs and thighs (as well as duck fat) from a Detroit poultry retailer. This year the retailer informs me that he is unable to obtain from his supplier, Culver Farms in Middlebury IN. I spoke directly to Culver Farms who explained that because they have seen a decline in orders from restaurants for duck breasts, they are not breaking down whole ducks to have legs and thighs separately. I spoke to a couple other duck farms and was told the same story.

As I do not wish to purchase a dozen whole ducks but just the legs and thighs, I am asking if anyone reading this post would know of a duck supplier that might have these parts available.

Many thanks,

Don Miller

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  1. Call fox and obel and see if they can get them. Or Paulina Market.

    Paulina Market
    3501 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL

    1. Harrisons Poulty in Glenview has all things fowl, and with lead time seems to be able to get anything. If they can't help, no one can!

      1201 Waukegan Rd
      Glenview, IL 60025-3019
      (847) 724-0132