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Oct 27, 2009 08:04 AM

2 Thumbs Down for Dish, Hartford CT

I began working with the private dining coordinator at Dish September 1st for a party I was planning this Thursday, October 28th.

I originally wanted to book the private dining room for my party of 20, however they needed a $3,000 food and beverage minimum. There's was no way my party could spend a minimum of $150 each, so I asked if there were other options. I settled for the "semi-private" dining room - no fee etc. It took me over a month just to compile that bit of information because I couldn't get a response (phone/email) from the coordinator. It took an email to the president of Dish to resume contact.

Last week, one week before the party I received a phone call stating that a party had booked the private dining room and they required use of the semi-private section. My party would need to move to the dining room. I understand the need to make money in this economy, but we had a reservation in the room WAY in advance of this group. To add further insult to injury, they wanted to place us in a space that could barely fit our group! I promptly wrote another email to the president stating my displeasure with the whole process. My party had been booked, invitations had been sent and it was a week from the event - now my whole party is compromised!

I received another phone call from a different manager. He understood why we couldn't book the private room ($$) but, and I quote "the pharmaceutical company that booked it can more than meet the minimum". Thanks a bunch. He quickly realized what he said was inappropriate and tried to turn it around. I had had enough.

To sum it up, Trumbull Kitchen was more than willing to take our party on short notice and comp. us their private loft because of the awful situation Dish had put us in. The manager of Dish called me this morning to see if the party was still on, I told him no and he hung up on me.

I'd think twice the next time you go to Dish.

Dish Bar & Grill
900 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103

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  1. Good timing on this post...I e-mailed them a week ago to inquire about their private dining for a party at Dish N Dat and have yet to hear back. I am glad Trumbull Kitchen was able to accomodate you, I've done a fair amount of event planning over the years and the Max Restaurant Group is top notch.

    Hope all goes well on Thursday!

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    1. re: Meesch70

      Maybe you'll have a different experience than I did, but I'm appalled with their behavior. I will never give them 1 cent of money.

      I love TK, so I'm sure it will be a fabulous party :)

    2. A friend and I attempted to eat at DISH last night during Hartford's restaurant week. We knew that we'd be taking our chances w/ parking, what with all the snow, but I had checked the DISH website in advance and it said they offer $7 valet parking, so after 3 swings around the block looking for parking, we pulled up in front of DISH and sat there in the snow with our flashers on and waited. And waited. And waited. Then another car pulled up behind us, and several Pretty Young Things in high heels teetered out of the vehicle. Suddenly, a valet came racing out of the restaurant to help the Pretty Young Things and take their car. I (a 50-something professional woman with, I'm sure, more money burning a hole in my pocket than the car-full of PYT's) stood in the street as the valet drove off. My blood was already boiling. I called the restaurant and asked the hostess if they had valet parking. She said yes, pull up in front and he'll come out. I said, "I HAVE BEEN pulled up in front for almost 10 minutes now, but he ignored me in favor of that car full of girls that pulled up behind me. I'm still waiting." She replied, "Oh, sorry. We're very busy." What does THAT have to do with anything? I was here first, and I'm still waiting! And I continued to wait until I was too angry to enjoy eating there anyway! I called the hostess back, told the hostess to cancel my reservation, and I went to ... Trumbull Kitchen! TK was more than happy to seat us at a great table and feed us a fantastic meal! Trumbull Kitchen must thrive on the foibles of DISH. As a matter of fact, we had a very similar experience to Kris' when planning our holiday lunch this year. DISH was inflexible and unwilling to work with us. Trumbull Kitchen was thrilled to have our group and, when a handful of us stayed after for drinks at the bar, the manager sent us champagne on the house as a thank-you for giving them our business. Trumbull Kitchen KNOWS how to value their customers. Dish does not. Can't believe they are still operating.

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      1. re: Quint41

        Quint, that's unacceptable and absolutely ridiculous! When the hostess said, "we're very busy", I would have replied, "what? your valet waits tables too?".

        I'm so happy that TK could accomodate you..I'm sure they have a tally of unhappy DISH customers who have been saved by TK.

        If the owner of DISH was smart, he would read this thread and apologize to all of us for their incompetence.

        1. re: krisrishere

          No kidding. I felt like I deserved a discount for my frustration. I mean, it's Restaurant Week. There are 6' piles of snow all over the streets, and in parking lots. And they have ONE valet on duty? He wasn't too busy to jump for the girls behind me. And for the hostess to say "We're very busy." It's 8:25 pm, and I'm just now getting around to having dinner ... I'm not busy? I'm sitting outside your establishment being ignored! No, I don't care to hand my hard-earned money to an establishment like that. There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Hartford that would love my business.