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Oct 27, 2009 07:58 AM

Quality Grocery Stores / Markets in Delaware


My wife and I are newlyweds living in Northern Wilmington. I've taken on the job of making dinner and I'm learning to cook by trial and error. I know good food from (too) frequently dining out in Philly or Wilmington and also watching/reading a lot about food. Now that I'm trying to execute some of my ideas I have and recipes I've found, I am running into trouble finding fresh, quality ingredients at any of the grocery store we frequent.

For instance, are they any places where I can find decent fresh herbs? I want to make pesto but all the grocery stores just have those awful, tiny plastic containers of basil. I also want to cook some dishes with fresh rosemary and find the quality really questionable everywhere I look.

Also, chefs/hosts on the Food Network or PBS are always reference telling "your butcher" to do this or that with a cut of meat. I don't know about any of you, but I haven't seen Sam the butcher behind the counter the last time I went to Super G or Acme. Can you really ask those guys to filet a fish a certain way or cube bacon extra thick? Is there somewhere not ridiculously expensive where you buy your meat and fish?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. I can help some. The basil is easy, go to plant shop and buy about 3 plants, they are very easy to grow. All they need is water and sun. And when the flowers start, pluck them off to keep the plant from going to seed.There is nothing like having your own basil growing, you'll put it in lots of dishes.
    I'm in Kent County and use West Dover Butcher in Dover, and Reel Seafood in Camden, and both are very accomodating with specialties. You really have to try several of the butchers & fishmongers til you find one that is right for you.Good Luck. It is worth the time and trouble to find one you can make your own.

    West Dover Butcher Shop
    3997 Hazlettville Rd, Dover, DE 19904

    1. Haven't been myself but Haldas Market is a butcher on Silverside. Hadfield's for seafood but guess you knew that. Give Jansens in Greenville a try for some upscalish things. We had good potential for a Whole Foods on Concord Pike but the resident councilman "making government work for you" came out against it saying we had enough supermarkets. Ignore that he is friends with and took campaign contributions from the owner of the Shop Rite next door. Thought there was a Whole Foods like place in Shops at Brinton Bridge on Rt 1 just off 202 but don't recall the name.

      1. Sadly I do not think we will get the Whole Foods although I have communicated with them and they don't say they are not coming so I keep hoping. I second the visit to Janssens it's the best we have. If you are in the Wilmington area stop by at Papas Food Market on 6th Street between Union and Lincoln. Best butcher we have, and he will cut anything you need. They have great bacon and no one has fresher chickens....try it out.

        1. Costco is the best butcher in the area, I think.

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            Agree, their quality of meats is excellent.

          2. The OP appears to have flown the coop and has not posted in nine months. But we can still add to the book of common goods! As far as I know the nearest Costco is in Christiana - fully 10 miles from north Wilmington. Haldas is a decent butcher and locally run. Hadfields is good for seafood but avoid any of their smoked fish offerings. Pure salt they are. North Wilmington's best kept secret is Marini's Produce at 2121 Veale Road - offering local and fresh goods from May to October - in addition to local suppliers of pickles and jams etc.

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              > The OP appears to have flown the coop and has not posted in nine months

              Actually, there seems to be something mysterious going on with this thread. I remember seeing it (and posting responses to it) last year. Many other people also posted to it. Now all of a sudden, all of the responses are gone, and it pops back to the top of the list! What gives?

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                You are right. Now that you mention it I remember it too.