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Best cupcakes in NJ?

Anyone have a good line on somewhere that makes great cupcakes? I know what you are thinking....just how good can cupcakes really be right? Sounds so simple, but we love them, and I am wondering who has the best in the area. Any thoughts? -mJ

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  1. I like to think I know my cupcakes pretty well. I actually went on The Star Ledger's Munchmobile in search of the best cupcakes earlier this year....lol

    Out of all the places we visited, to me, only one would ever be worth a trip back. And that was Sugar & Sunshine in Plainsboro. I've been there many times before that and can attest to the freshness and deliciousness of the cupcakes there.

    Other places I've had some very good cupcakes from are Mr. Cupcake in Clifton and Le Petit Cafe in Nutley.

    For just plain ol' vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, The Flakey Tart in Atlantic Highlands are incredible.

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        That made me remember two other places.

        Baker Boys - Ocean Grove and Asbury Convention Hall - pretty good, but not always consistent. Had a very good one this weekend.

        Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe - also very good.

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          For great chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, I like to go to the Bent Spoon in Princeton. For more varied choices, Sugar and Sunshine in Plainsboro.

      2. We've been really very happy with Sweet in Hoboken. Hand made in shop, moist extremely light cake, great frostings, and two sizes of available, conventional and tiny-sized. Their red velvet cupcake is superb.


        1. pricey but worth it about 3.75
          love the pistachio.
          very much a high end cupcake.
          cupcake is a very minor art form, now rainbow cookies, that's a whole other story.

          1. My new favorite is Zoe's Cupcake Cafe, on Chestnut St. in Teaneck. Really delicious, beautiful to look at, and it's a non-profit which helps teen moms learn business skills. They do alot of catering, too.

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              Oops - reading comprehension error.

            2. The Bent Spoon (which is the best ice cream in Jersey) in Princeton also does cupcakes. Vanilla/Chocolate with Vanilla/Chocolate Frosting. For me, their frosting is perfect (the vanilla is my favorite). Not too sweet, with a hint of salt and at the perfect ratio to cake. I buy 16 of the mini ones and freeze them so I can eat them slowly. So unlike a bakery, there are limited options on flavors (as opposed to there ice cream), but they are so good I don't care. I would recommend them, absolutely.

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                I agree... the Bent Spoon has the best cupcakes I've ever had. They'll also make regular cakes using the same recipe. The frosting is amazing. Sugar & Sunshine in Plainsboro is pretty good too, especially their Lemon and Strawberry varieties. But, still no match for Bent Spoon.

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                  A new cupcake joint is coming to Oradell - Mr. Cupcake - on Kindermack near Pannico's. I'm looking forward to trying it.

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                    Mr. Cupcakes opened a new location on Kindermack Road in Oradell. Maybe I'm being a little narrow-minded when it comes to icing, but I like it to look like traditional cupcake, or decorated to look like flower petals, etc. These looked like they had been iced with a Dairy Queen soft-serve dispenser, a squished tubular S sloppily splayed across the tops of the cakes. I decided to get two minis, just to try them, one coconut and the other red velvet. They were dry. The red velvet was white cake so not the deep red velvet seen in other shops. The cream cheese icing tasted more like straight cream cheese. The coconut cupcake was simply white cake, white icing and coconut sprinkled on top - not a lot of coconut flavor.

                    There is a Mr. Cupcakes in Riverside Square Mall and in Clifton.

              2. I have heard very good things about Zoe's in Teaneck and the fact that they help a great cause is nice added bonus.
                I really enjoyed the Petit Cafe in Nutely. I brought a lot of different ones to a party and everyone seemed to enjoy which ever one they tried.
                I have heard mixed reivews of Mr Cupcake but I have yet to try it for myself.

                1. Sugar Mommy Cupcakes in Denville NJ ....by far the best cupcake I have ever had!!!!!! Visit her website

                  1. Just had some cupcakes from the Ocean Grove Bake Shop. Not so good.

                    1. I am not a cupcake maven but I can tell you that the cupcakes at The Dessert Plate in Somerville are truly wonderful. In fact, everything I've tried at this little bakery on Main Street has been excellent.


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                          Sweet Avenue Bakeshop in Rutherford has amazing cupcakes. The fact they they happen to be vegan as well is just a pleasant bonus. You don't feel like you're missing anything. The cake is moist, the icings are creamy but still light, and all the flavors are really developed. Plus, the cupcake size is perfect. Other bakeries produce huge cupcakes on the more-is-better model, which is definitely not the case for the majority of them.

                        2. Tried so many cupcake places in NY/NJ. We liked Magnolia in NYC but lines are ridiculous. Would return if it wasn't such an ordeal, ditto for Cupcake Cafe also in NYC. Crumbs? Just don't get it; they were bland, tasteless and not enough frosting. Didn't like them at all. Cupcake Carousel in Ridgewood is okay for a commerical bakery taste but a miss on some flavors ("Hostess" which seems popular was yucky). Mr. Cupcake is greasy and left us with a stomach ache. Recently saw a review for Sugar+Sunshine in Plainsboro. On our last trip to Princeton decided to try it out instead of a return to Bent Spoon (another overrated bakery). KUDOS to Sugar+Sunshine. Just a few minutes from Princeton University and THE BEST cupcakes I've ever bought. Many delicious flavors; we tried basic vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/vanilla, and a bunch of different others. The chocolate cupcake was the absolute best chocolate cake I've ever tasted . The buttercream was perfect. Not too sweet, not too buttery and just the right amount. We also tried coconut, peanut butter/chocolate, banana, red velvet, cookies and cream, mocha. They were all YUMMY!! And at $20/dozen a bargain. The only downside. They are over an hours drive from home. Maybe that's a good thing :) Definitely worth a trip or a stop if you are in the area.

                          1. Since my Last post I have tried Crumbs in Ridgewood, Mr Cupcake (Oradell) and Zoe's in Teaneck as well as revisited the Petit Cafe in Nutely.
                            The Petit Cafe is still my favorite ones but Zoe's came in a close second. They were very good moist cupcakes and nice not too heavy frosting. They didn't have as many options as the place in Nutely or Mr Cupcake but they have other bakery products like cookies and cakes.
                            Mr Cupcake was Fabulous when I took my first bite. I thought they were going to be my favorite but they were soo sweet and heavy that after a few bites I knew i would feel sick. Being a gluten for punishment I finished the cupcake and sure enough I had a heavy sick feeling for the rest of the day.
                            Crumbs was good but just didn't live up to the hype. The cake was kind of dry on mine but the others that my husband and friends had seemed a little better.

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                              Flaky Tart in Atlantic Highlands, Marie is an outstanding pastry chef!!

                              Flaky Tart
                              145 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

                            2. According to all the trend pundits cupcakes are already passe, Magnolia has tour buses parked in front and Bosnian tourist waiting half an hour in line to sample overly sweet confections. Is NJ any different? do we make better Cupcakes? are we late to the party?
                              What do you think?

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                                Cupcakes are the 'new' BBQ, which was the 'new' Greek, which was the new .....fill in the blank. A certain type of food, or culture becomes the 'flavor of month', and suddenly we are inundated with them.
                                I happen to love Zoe's Cupcake Cafe, because their cupcakes have flavor beyond sugar....and they have a social mission, which attracts me.

                              2. Petite Cafe is my favorite place in North Jersey.
                                I tried Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford they were fabulous and vegan too.

                                1. Have to add my say on Sugar & Sunshine. After living in East Windsor for 5 years, we only tried it a few times. Had it last weekend, man, it is good. Great area to go to on a spring day/night, they did a good job in the area. The hot chocolate is very good also. We are bringing some Xmas day to my sisters, much different than bringing a pie.

                                  1. Believe it or not, the frosting is NOT my favorite part of a cupcake, yes, it's important but a good tasting cake portion is important,.....CRUMBS in Westfield, which specializes in cupcakes, has the best I tasted, larger, and not cheap, but worthy of return trips

                                    1. Fairie Cakes makes the best cupcakes, pastry's and cakes I've ever had. They do more of catering for events and parties, I don't believe there is a shop to visit. If you're ever at an event where they do the desserts you are in for a real treat ( no pun intended).

                                      Here is the website.


                                      1. I have to agree that The Baker Boys in Ocean Grove is on the top of my list. Almost everything there is top-notch. I wonder if all these "cupcake shops" will make it.....is it just a fad?

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                                          Mr. Cupcakes in Oradell is pretty damn good. Very decadent.

                                        2. On Route 33 in Hamilton is a fabulous little place called The Jersey Girl Cafe. They carry cupcakes by SadieSake Cupcakes. They have different varieties daily. The cupcakes are a perfect size and the flavor combos are too die for!! My favorite so far has been the Sunday Morning. It is a maple cupcake topped with maple icing & fried pancetta. A friend swears by the Mint Chocolate Chip cupcake.


                                          1. No one has mentioned the House of Cupcakes in Princeton. From what I've read in on-line reviews, the cupcakes here are not that great. However, I've never been so I'd appreciate some comments from cupcake mavens.

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                                              Ambrose-I gave them 2 tries-First time someone brought some to the place where I work as a gift. He said he'd requested an " assortment." Well, the assortment consisted only of chocolate cupcakes--so first impression was that they weren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Tasted them and they were overly sweet--would've sworn they were from a supermarket. Second try, went with a friend and got a plain yellow cupcake with white frosting. Again, low end market variety--I feel like it appeals to people raised on cake mixes--Plus that time we also ordered coffee and it tasted like warm water with a slight coffee flavor. Maybe that's why they never showed up in this thread!!!

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                                                Your comments corroborate a lot of what I've read on-line. One must therefore ask how they managed to come out a winner on Cupcake Wars!

                                            2. FROM what I've been reading on these posts.....it looks like their are great cupcake places scattered all over New Jersey !!

                                              1. I went back to the Petite Cafe in Nutley and they are now called The Stuffed Cupcake. There were the same wonderful cupcakes I remembered but now they offered a few more flavors combos. They have so many and each one I tried was wonderful.

                                                1. Since this thread started, a place in Glen Rock has opened. a la cupcake. LOVE their cupcakes - nice and rich, interesting fillings, not-to-sweet frostings

                                                  1. In Central Jersey, Blue sheep Bake shop in Greenbrook on RT 22 is the only reason why I'm not 100% vegan. There cupcake are wonderful !! Moist, many delicious flavors ranging from beer to blueberry. I can't drive past the place without getting a cupcake.

                                                    for road trip in Rutherford, these vegan cupcake is worth the hike http://www.sweetavenuebakeshop.com

                                                    1. By far the best cupcakes in NJ are The House Of Cupcakes in Princeton, they didn't win the cupcake wars for nothing! By far the best ye ever had, the white and yellow cakes are so moist and delicious and so many flavors to choose from ummmm mmmm so good.

                                                      1. There's a great new bakery in Ewing---sharing a location with Arctic ice cream which formerly had a luncheonette in that spot---It's called Let them eat cake--I had a plain white cupcake with white frosting. No question that these are homemade. They also do birthday cakes, macarons... brioche....but all I got was one perfect white cupcake (and a free taste of a delicious lemon square.)

                                                        1. Seeing this thread right now is making go to Blue sheep Bake shop for their Pina Colada cupcake.

                                                          Check this place out, you'll soon learn this is best in Jersey !!!