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Oct 27, 2009 06:56 AM

Best cupcakes in NJ?

Anyone have a good line on somewhere that makes great cupcakes? I know what you are thinking....just how good can cupcakes really be right? Sounds so simple, but we love them, and I am wondering who has the best in the area. Any thoughts? -mJ

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  1. I like to think I know my cupcakes pretty well. I actually went on The Star Ledger's Munchmobile in search of the best cupcakes earlier this

    Out of all the places we visited, to me, only one would ever be worth a trip back. And that was Sugar & Sunshine in Plainsboro. I've been there many times before that and can attest to the freshness and deliciousness of the cupcakes there.

    Other places I've had some very good cupcakes from are Mr. Cupcake in Clifton and Le Petit Cafe in Nutley.

    For just plain ol' vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, The Flakey Tart in Atlantic Highlands are incredible.

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        That made me remember two other places.

        Baker Boys - Ocean Grove and Asbury Convention Hall - pretty good, but not always consistent. Had a very good one this weekend.

        Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe - also very good.

        1. re: dani0622

          For great chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, I like to go to the Bent Spoon in Princeton. For more varied choices, Sugar and Sunshine in Plainsboro.

      2. We've been really very happy with Sweet in Hoboken. Hand made in shop, moist extremely light cake, great frostings, and two sizes of available, conventional and tiny-sized. Their red velvet cupcake is superb.

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          1. pricey but worth it about 3.75
            love the pistachio.
            very much a high end cupcake.
            cupcake is a very minor art form, now rainbow cookies, that's a whole other story.