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Oct 27, 2009 06:25 AM

Boucherie Abu Elias - 733 Cote-Vertu

Just had the best mini pizzas from there, apparently they have all kinds of fun delectables! Has anyone tried anything else there?

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  1. Abu Elias is popular with hounds. For the deets, check out the following discussions. For more, plug Elias into the search box at the top of the page.

    Abu Elias report

    Shish Taouk

    Good stop for lunch close to either hwy 40 or hwy 25?

    on the go

    Best $10.....

    Another tourist here

    Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

    inexpensive places not to miss

    1. Abu Elias is great and has been discussed here often and at some length.

      You should try their grilled meats. Their sandwiches are all great but I have a soft spot for their lamb and liver sandwiches. I don't think they make their own baked items, though.

      1. The rice and lamb platter on the weekend is a steal at ~$12 for 3-4 servings; very good but very heavy. I also enjoy the lamb sandwich and the shish taouk. They have a grilled meat platter (chicken, kefta and beef) which is also great when having people over.

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          Can't wait to go back now and try the shish taouk sandwich! So nobody here has tried the delicious pizza?

          1. re: eshultzy

            I did not know they made pizza but I will keep an eye out for it next time. What toppings are on the pizza?

            1. re: eshultzy

              By pizza do you mean the manakish with zaatar or cheese? I have neveer tried them but as SnackHappy mentions, they don't bake their own bread items. I think thry may get them from Andalos.

              1. re: hungryann

                My first time at Abu Elias on friday afternoon, good stuff, the best shish taouk I've had. Looking forward to going back to try the lamb. Thank you chowhounders once again.