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Oct 27, 2009 06:17 AM

In S. Florida for ONLY 1 year--Where MUST I eat?

Hi there! I want to take advantage of all S. Florida has to offer culinary-wise in the short time I'm here. I live in Weston but am willing to travel for food. Please tell me where I MUST eat! I literally love all cuisines, and would especially enjoy cuisines that tend to be the "Best" in S. Florida (I'm assuming the various latin american cuisines, seafood, etc)? I can't wait to get your suggestions!!! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Eduardo de San Angel is a special place - gourmet Mexican, it's on Oakland Park Blvd. http://www.eduardodesanangel.com/.

    Cafe Martorano is another type of place you won't find everywhere. Fantastic Italian food with a loud, lively atmosphere, with a NJ Italian-Soprano's kind of feel, great for a group. http://www.cafemartorano.com/ For a more traditional Italian dining experience I would pass Casa D'Angelo any day of the week and opt for Cafe Vico. The food is excellent the service is great - very welcoming and unpretentious. http://www.cafevicorestaurant.com/

    I also love Coco Asian Bistro for sushi and Thai food. I had a lovely dining experience and probably the best sushi I've ever had. http://www.cocoasianbistro.com/ Thai Thai in Plantation on Sunrise Blvd is also very good for Thai and very reasonably priced.

    I'd also say that Coconuts on A1A has a great Ft Lauderdale atmosphere. The food is really good, not spectacular but very good. But, it's right on the water in a little harbor, not on the beach side. Very relaxing - you feel like you're on vacation when you are there, even if you aren't. Love it! http://www.coconutsbahamagrill.com/
    Happy eating!

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      THanks so much for your suggestions! I really appreciate it. We are major foodies and are totally game for all kinds of places so I appreciate the diversity of your list. We did move here from the Northeast which has excellent Italian and Asian options so I'm curious to know how they compare down here. Please keep the recommendations coming!

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        NAOE-- Sunny Isles Beach---Omakase Sushi

        Hiro's Yakko-San--North Miami Beach--Japanese "tapas"

        Rustic Inn--Garlic Crabs

        La Granja--Peruvian Chicken

        Michael's Genuine--Modern American (Miami)

    2. If you find rock shrimp on a menu, order them broiled with melted butter on the side.

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        1. I'll chime in and second the suggestion for Michael's. It's truly one of my favorites...as is Michy's.

          And if you're only in South Florida a short time, I have to mention one of my sentimental favorites--Baleen. If you're looking for good and a spectacular view, it's one of the best for outdoor dining.

          We go there every year for our anniversary and have always enjoyed it. Ask for one of the tables out on the rocks. Every time my husband and I go out there, I'm reminded of why I still love South Florida (with its warts and all, lol).


          6927 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33138

          On the Rocks
          3640 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, FL 32773

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            reservations at Michael's made! Thx for the suggestion. Looking frwd to trying a Michele Bernstein restaurant soon!

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              any suggestions for dives? Perhaps good place for empanadas or other latin specialties?

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                Not dives, but when you get in the mood for some pub grub, I can recommend the Flanigan's chain in the area. Watch out for the Tumbleweed Onions...very addictive.


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                    Oh, Flanigan's is definitely a place to check out. The baby back ribs are so good.

                    I always tell my husband if we were to ever leave South Florida, Flanigan's is one of the biggest things I'd miss!

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                    Just had Mr. Nick's subs for the 1st time this weekend. So good! The Chizzer is addictive - sliced steak, melted cheese, creamy italian dressing. It doesn't sound like much but everything combined is perfection. It's on Andrew's in Ft Lauderdale

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                      Havana Hideout on Lake Ave in Lake Worth definitely fits the bill for dive restaurant with great Latin specialties. In fact the kitchen is a truck permanently parked next to the bar, but the empanadas, cuban sandwiches, and other latin dishes (fish tacos, pionono, and ceviche) are excellent. The place was featured on a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives episode.


                      Havana Hideout
                      509 Lake Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460

                1. Some good suggestions already, I'll add a few near you and a couple authentic SoFl one's worth the drive.

                  1) Cheese Course in Weston - best cheese selection in the area where you also get good recommendations and sampling - sandwiches are good too
                  2) La Brochette Bisto in Cooper City - right up the street from you - stick to the fish specials and don't get turned off by the strip mall location - chef is Lebanese by way of paris I believe
                  3) Myung Ga in Weston - good solid Korean where we go at least monthly - very family friendly too
                  4) Romeu's in Pembroke Pines - everyone has their fav Cuban place, but we like this one
                  5) Rustic Inn - great old Florida crab house
                  6) Jaxson's Ice Cream palor - also been around for years - make sure to dine-in as the special sundaes are not available at the walk-up windo

                  1) All the Design District biggies - can't go wrong with Michael's, Sra. Martinez, Pacific Time or Fratelli Lyon
                  2) Michy's
                  3) Key's Fisheries in Marathon - same stone crabs as Joe's at 1/3 the price and you eat them on the dock - a great day trip
                  4) Hiro's Yakko San

                  6927 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33138

                  Cheese Course
                  1679 Market St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33326

                  Sra. Martinez
                  4000 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137

                  443 Lake June Rd, Lake Placid, FL 33852

                  Pacific Time
                  423 E Rivo Alto Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

                  Fratellis Restaurant
                  415 Anastasia Blvd, Saint Augustine, FL 32080

                  Fratelli Lyon
                  4141 NE 2nd Ave. #101A, Miami, FL 33137