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Oct 27, 2009 12:07 AM

Corned beef hash??? ANyone??!

Just saw a topic about Diners a little bit ago and that got me thinking about my all time favorite meal..CORNED BEEF HASH!!! The only Place I have had it recently is in Hollywood at The Wild oats cafe on melrose. I gotta say they make a pretty mean hash but I know there has to be more places! SO ANYONE know some great spots?? Hollywood area?? Heck Just name a place and Im willing to drive for my Corned beef hash fix!!

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  1. Not Hollywood, nut Redondo Beach. The Original Pancake House, I order it with poached eggs and homefries instead of the potato pancakes. DELICIOUS!!!

    Original Pancake House
    1756 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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      I'd say OPH's cbh is solid....

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        A friend of mine and I (both hash enthusiasts) tried OPH's version based on a reco from Chowhound some time ago.

        We were both massively disappointed. It was so salty as to be virtually inedible, and when we pointed it out to the server, she just shrugged and said "that's the way they make it."

        I actually like OPH very much for other breakfast dishes, but I thought that the hash was a complete flop. I would much prefer to eat Mary Kitchen's canned hash at home.

      2. Brent's deli in Northridge is the best I've had. They grill it so it has a nice crust on the top and bottom. It's really good and worth the trip.

        1. I like the homemade hash at S&W Country Diner in Culver City. Here's an old review:


          1. If you want to feel like a grease bomb, but a GOOD grease bomb, get the corned beef hash at Uncle John's Ham & Eggs. It's like sex with a prostitute -- quick and dirty, but it scratches that itch when you've got that ... well, itch.

            Now, if you want to go a bit higher class -- say, a call girl -- go to Pacific Dining Car, where the protein of choice isn't some déclassé cut of beef but rather chopped prime rib roast. As they say, you pay for what you get.

            Uncle John's Ham & Eggs.
            433 West 8th St
            Los Angeles
            (213) 623-3555

            Pacific Dining Car

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              everything about this comment is just perfect.

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                I must say, I love corned beef and roast beef hash, and I love the PDC, but fwiw, I don't like their roast beef hash. It's very nontraditional; like big chunks of prime rib that have been browned in a skillet. It's tasty, but not really what I need in a hash breakfast. Also, it's roast beef, not corned beef.

                On corned beef hash, I agree with Jen10 about the OPH, which makes a nice version. Hadn't heard about Brent's but it's now on my list to try. I think there used to be called the Hollywood Coffee Shop (or something like that) that was legendary for its CBH, but I don't know if they're still around or turning out decent hash.

                On the roast beef hash side of things, my favorite is the fancy pot roast hash with coffee gravy at Jar's Sunday brunch.

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                  Unfortunately the Hollywood Coffee Shop is no more :(

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                    hollywood h9lls coffee shoppe served up some of the great corned beef hash but alas it is no more.

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                    That is a hilarious description of the experiences. hahahaha

                  3. Haven't been in a year or two since we moved from the area, but Canters always had great CB hash. Three eggs, lord knows they have the corned beef, and the perfect proportion of potatoes. All that combined with black coffee and faux-abusive waitresses...heaven!

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                      I don't care for Canters hash. I love their corned beef and figured I'd like the hash, but it was too smooth, paste like in texture. I could have eaten it thru a straw.

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                        I'm sorry to hear that. That certainly wasn't the case a couple of years ago. That's why these discussions are worthwhile. I too can't stand it when the potatoes are more mashed than chopped. Too bad.