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Oct 27, 2009 12:01 AM

Churros, Tapas, Paella And More From Malaga To Valencia?

We are in the embryonic stages of planning our trip to Spain next summer. We will be flying into Malaga, staying there for 5 days and using it as a base of operations to see Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba and maybe Rondo. Then we will be driving to Valencia.

So, we're looking for any recommendations in the area. Places to try for Tapas, Churros con Chocolate (a passion of mine), Paella, or anything else that is traditionally Spanish and a "don't miss" in the area.

Our tastes tend toward more inexpensive places (under 20 Euros a person), but the occasional splurge is not out of the question. We don't know much about the towns in between Malaga and Valencia, but the drive is going to take all day, so why not stop somewhere (or wheres) nice along the way for breakfast, lunch and tapas?

I know there are a lot of possibilities, but I hope I've given you some idea of our tastes.

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  1. There are many earlier posts on eating in Seville, Granda, Rondo, Malaga and the rest of Andalusia. Search this board and you will find many recommended places, especially tapas. There are also earlier posts on paella and Valencia. With just 5 days to cover such a large area as Andalusia, the earlier posts will give you many more places then you will have time for. If you are using Malaga as the base rather than moving from one city to another, there will be lots of driving back and forth.

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      Well, then, we have a more developed plan. We will be staying in the paradores. Fly into Malaga and stay there that night. In the morning, drive up to Ronda, spend the day there (and if the tapas are decent) in the evening stay there for the night. The next day, drive to Sevilla, spend the day there, plan on tapas and flamenco in the evening, and stay in the Carmona parador. One more day in Sevilla, then (after more tapas) drive to the Antequera parador and stay there that night. See Granada the following day and back to the Antequera parador for that night (the parador at the Alhambra is just way too expensive), then the following morning off to Valencia, where we will stay for two nights. Probably lunch and then tapas in one or two towns on the road on the way to Valencia (Murcia?). Dinner (paella) later in Valencia and again the next evening.

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        Since this site is devote to food, I won't go into any detail about traveling logistics (they will delete them anyway) other than that you'll be visiting a most wonderful area of Spain on a very tight schedule. Below are some recent posts on eating in Seville, Granada, Rondo, etc. Seville has the best tapas than anywhere I've encountered in Spain. Rondo has some good tapas places mainly in the "newer" part of the city, not much in the old historical area. You will be able to eat very well in any tapas places on your budget.

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          In order to enjoy Andalucia a bit more, we are considering spending a week there, and skipping Valencia altogether this trip. In which case we would spend the first night in Malaga, the next day and night in Malaga recuperating from the trip, the next day in Ronda with the night in the Ronda Parador, the next two days in Granada but sleeping at the Antequera parador, then up toward Sevilla with perhaps a stop in Jerez on the way, that night in the Carmona parador, the next day in Sevilla with another night in the parador, then a morning flight from Sevilla to Marrakech.

          Two nights in Marrakech, two nights in San Sebastian, with the final four days of the trip in Madrid.

          Thanks for the help with Seville and Ronda.

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          On the subject of churros and hot chocolate, you will find them in many cafes for breakfast, though I don't find many people eating them. They are much more popular in Madrid. The churros are usually pre-fried and left on a warmer, not a good thing. In Seville, the best I've encounter are in trucks during mornings. A good one is on c/Pavia, just off c/Dos de Mayo. Churros are fried in small batches and sold immediately in paper cones so they are hot and crispy; also decent hot chocolate. Hot chocolate will not be very popular in the hot summer months, except maybe in the early mornings. More popular than churros for breakfast is the garlic/tomato bread with olive oil.
          Because of the Arabic influence, don't miss the wonderful sweets in Andulusia... pestinos, bollos de azucar, granadinas, egg custard tart.

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            In Carmona, make sure you have a room with view! Restaurant La Yedra, 50 metres from the Parador is worth the trip for their creamy rice with mushrooms and white truffle (share as a starter!).
            Antequera: v.nice Parador, and the food there is good too.
            On your way to Valencia, stop in Elx (Elche) Hotel / Restaurant Huerto del Cura in the palm tree forest is quite something, and the food is excellent.


        3. To help with searching, the town's spelling is "Ronda."