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Oct 26, 2009 11:31 PM

Ted's Montana Grill... actually quite good

was shopping the other night with mom and ready for a bite, i suggested this b/c i love the idea of a "guiltless" bison burger. we had been there once before and i enjoyed the burger itself but the rest just ok. we found things this night much improved. our fresh squeezed margaritas were delicious. we were presented with a heaping bowl of fresh, crisp, super garlicky pickles right away. i ordered a half chopped salad to start as it was only $4. iceberg & romaime w/ diced salami, tomatoes, fresh corn, chick peas w/ a light vinaigrette & a nice little parmesean toast. totally fine. but our burgers (both bison) arrived steaming hot, dripping fragrant juices under gooey melted jack cheese. both beatifully prepared to a somewhat rare "medium" but that's fine with me! what i really noticed improved was the sides. my onion rings were rip roarin hot (as was everything) perfectly crusted with cornmeal. the bartender actually OFFERED me a horseradish sauce for them (she was great throughout). my mom's sqaush was hot and fresh. the burgers were truly delicious and the cookies we took home were also very, very good. i am looking forward to returning soon.

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  1. Where is it? What town? What state?

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      I know there's one in Cranston, RI, but it's a chain. The "Ted" in the name is Turner, who needs no further introduction.

      1. re: Gin n Tonic

        There's also one in South Windsor, CT. I have no complaints about it--my bison burger last time was cooked perfectly.

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          I've eaten at the one in Broomfield, Colorado.

          Agree re: the buffalo burgers....fantastic! A great, meaty option for those of us that don't eat beef. Flavorful, juicy, cooked just right. I usually get the mushroom swiss burger. Even though, we noticed that the burgers recently shrunk compared to say, a year ago. Still big enough, however, if they shrink it more it won't be worth the hefty (I think $11) price tag.

          Oh, and yummy, natural cut fries also!

        2. Good to know! I'm curious which location you visited. I've always found the burgers at Ted's to be quite good, and the pickles they serve are fabulous, but I've been dissapointed by every other thing I've ever had there. (And my kids love those wikistix they hand out, so we've been there A LOT). Based on your review though I may be willing to venture off the burger menu again.

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            My wife LOVES their bison pot roast. I had a bite, and thought it was really good. Their mashed potatoes were really good too.

          2. If you go on a Saturday, be sure to try their Bison BBQ short ribs. They are succulent, meaty, flavorful and don't leave you feeling overly full. Their mashed potatoes and green beans are pretty darn good, too.