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Oct 26, 2009 10:48 PM

Diner Food on the Westside

My wife and I were watching a Food Network show on some old school diners, and I got really nostalgic about this diner we used to go to all the time in Torrance called the Parasol diner. Had great pancakes, blue plate specials, sandwiches, and pies. Anybody recommend somewhere in West LA where the food is old school, where I won't find compote next to my pancakes, and the clientele is equally old school?

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  1. Cafe 50s, on Santa Monica Blvd., near the corner of Federal.

      1. Try Rae's on Pico and 29th in Santa Monica. A long time neighborhood diner/coffee shop.

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          1. re: vinosnob

            hmmm....will definitely try peppy's. sounds like a good divey, old school diner.

        1. Strong recommendation for Pepy's Galley attached to the Mar Vista Bowling Alley on the NE corner of Grandview and Venice Blvd. - just a short block east of Centinela (Bundy by any other name).

          Excellent chilaquiles and I am partial to their grilled polish sausage and eggs with sourdough toast for breakfast with a side of their red salsa (which is the epitome of spicy, garlicy goodness made in house).

          Pepy's Galley
          12125 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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            KJ's in Westchester, which used to be a Pepe's Galley, is also excellent. Also connected to a bowling alley. I lke their pancakes, roast beef sandwiches, etc.

          2. Pann's, natch, but staying close to West LA: Junior's on Westwood, right off Pico. The marinated skirt steak (often not listed on the menu -- ask) with eggs, fried potatoes, and very thick slices of cinnamon toast can be inspiring at 6:30 a.m., especially if you're headed home for sleep after a late night. No compotes in sight.

            Sloppy bbq beef, short ribs, meatloaf, fish and chips, brisket, .... And the sandwiches are good, although not the best deli versions in town. They use Boar's Head commercial cold cuts just like Bay Cities, the Italian-style deli everyone worships in Santa Monica. Junior's has a great diversity of clientele, but one of the many positive differences between the two places is that you probably aren't the oldest guy trying to sweet-talk that gal behind the counter. So get focused!

            For a shot of Junior's, click on the picture in the "Geography" section in this Wikipedia article:

            Junior's Restaurant-Deli Bakery
            2379 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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            1. re: Harry Nile

              "The marinated skirt steak (often not listed on the menu -- ask)"

              It's on a separate menu that they give you along with the main menu and another separate menu with even more specials they offer. The marinated steak also comes in a couple of more dinner (and not breakfast style) combinations too.

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                Servorg, have you been going to Junior's long enough to remember a very sweet and excellent waitress -- Susan -- who started in the mid-Eighties, I believe? I haven't seen her in years and always wondered what happened to her. Do you know, by chance?

                1. re: Harry Nile

                  We have been going for that long, but Jr's is one of those places where we never ask for anyone's section by name and just take "potluck" when it comes to who our server is. So I can't help you with that particular issue, Harry.

                  One of the nicest servers there now is a younger woman who looks and sounds a little Slavic to us. She has light brown hair and is so sweet, kind and does a very good job. But I don't know her name.

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                    Harry, just to update this post. We went to Junior's last night and we had the waitress I wrote about above. Her name is indeed, Slavic - "Olga" - and she is as good a waitress and as nice a person as we have ever had here in LA, without exception, no matter the price of the restaurant.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      Thanks for the follow-up post, Servorg. Olga sounds great -- another good reason to go to Junior's!