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Oct 26, 2009 09:22 PM

What foods do you order online?

I don't think I've ever bought ingredients online other than a bottle of avocado oil and some granola bars. I'm wary of perishables traveling by mail, but would like to explore opportunities for savings just the same. Some items make sense to me; the cured, the canned, etc...others I'm on the fence about. My two biggest grocery expenditures are probably on seafood and produce - surprise, the most perishable items one can eat. Just the same, I'd appreciate any anecdotes of success purchasing these or more durable suspects online.

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  1. I buy most of my meat online.

    I can get most other speciality foods locally but, for ease, occasionally buy spice mixes, certain chutnies and pickles and apple juice.

    1. I buy all of my spices online. The quality is far superior to supermarket spices, and I find it to be much less expensive. I use, but I know a lot of people who use Penzey's as well.

      1. I buy artisanal cheeses online, because there are cheeses I want that I can't get locally. A top-quality store with a mail-order operation will use cold packs and other means to preserve the cheese during transit. For this and other perishables, I prefer to buy from places that are no more than a day or two away by ground shipping to avoid having to request expensive overnight air delivery. I also order herbs and spices online from Penzeys.

        1. I order Mexican ingredients such as chiles and mole pastes from I also order teas, jams, and Caribbean spices from

          1. Canned wild sockeye salmon (
            Chef Paul Prudohomme's pasta & pizza magic because I can't find it locally
            Truffles ( only I haven't ordered them yet) for the same reason
            Produce from Bountiful Baskets every other week usually

            Otherwise we're pretty blessed with the availability of edibles, for not being in a major metropolis.