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Oct 26, 2009 07:31 PM

The Stanhope Grille-now?

I haven't been to the restaurant since it was a part of Jury's.
Has anyone been lately?
I have such delicious memories of it!
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, my family is considering dining here.
Any helpful feedback?


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  1. They have food?

    Seriously, I would never consider going here for anything but drinks, and then only when the patio is open. There might be some worthwhile food, but I have never bothered. I certainly would think of other places first for a meal as big as Thanksgiving.

    1. I've always enjoyed their breakfasts, including their breakfast buffet, but I seem to be the only one!

      1. I went there a few years ago for a restaurant week dinner. They gave us a semi-private room and everything was great, from the food to the service!