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Oct 26, 2009 06:46 PM

Horseradish in Vancouver

Wondering where to buy the really hot, clean out the sinuses, horseradish in Vancouver? Most buffets serving beef seem to have it but at the grocery stores, even the stuff marked "extra hot" is pretty insipid. Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't buy horseradish often enough to make any kind of comparisons. (Whenever I do, I just get it at the supermarket). I would try a place like Richmond Country Farms where they grown their own produce and buy a fresh root. That might make a difference.

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      J and V: I share your views on horseradish and generally speaking my experience echoes yours as I end up throwing out most of the horseradish I buy at stores.

      I know the pub I frequent usually has good horseradish and when I asked I was told that it was the "Beaver" brand from Oregon. However, when I have bought a small jar it has disappointed. It must have to do shelf life and the fact the pub goes through so much and gets it in a large restaurant-sized can.

      I now use the Tosca label which I have found has and retains some heat. You can usually find it in most food chains here in Edmonton so would expect that applies to Vancouver as well.

      Failing that I fall back to the horseradish mayo sandwich spread from Superstore which backs some whallop but how "natural" it is, who knows?

    2. JandV just make your own.... it will clear out your sinuses while you make it. My dad makes it with ski goggles on so take this tip to heart. He uses a juice blender I guess at a low setting but it tastes great. But when I do buy some it's Krakus brand from your local Polish deli/store. Still hot but not 'really hot'

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        i agree with hclass, make horseradish by yourself. Add some white vinegar and sugar after you grated it with a food processor with the grater. Beware, don't sniff it!

      2. Prepared horseradish is always a little insipid (looks creamy). Grated horseradish is much hotter.

        1. What you want is the horseradish made by Coast Island Seafood from Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island. It is kept refrigerated, not overprocessed, and has the real nostril-cleaning horseradish kick that it should have. Quite unlike all the other "prepared" horseradishes I've tried. It's actually hotter than the fresh stuff I make myself, for some reason. I've seen it for sale in Thrifty Foods; not sure where to buy it in Vancity but if you call them @ 250 757 8533 and they can probably tell you who retails it here.

          1. I like the Englehoffer cream style that is available at Safeway (in Calgary anyways). It will clear out the old cobwebs. Seriously hotter than all the other brands they label "extra hot". It's almost wasabi style. Give it a try.