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Oct 26, 2009 06:18 PM

Angelina Yogurt West Hollywood -- RIP

This place was one of my favorites for traditional frozen yogurt. Went by on Thursday, last week, and was told they were closing. Too bad.

Any suggestions for other good places in the area? Don't need toppings, or giant self-serve buckets; just good flavors made with quality ingredients and care.

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  1. ugh, i'm really sorry to hear that. Angelina was my favorite LA yogurt spot.

    1. The Bigg Chill in the mini-mall on the SE corner of Olympic and Westwood Blvd. has been my favorite for traditional aka 80s style froyo. Good selection of flavors, types, and toppings. They have a type of yogurt called Wow Cow, I believe it's lactose free yogurt which is suprisingly good...though sometimes the flavors aren't great and they only have one Wow Cow flavor at a time.

      Yogurt has a great texture, creamy, not icy. Not in WeHo but close enough. I live in the Miracle Mile and it's worth the 15 minute drive to West LA.

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        Since you're in the Miracle Mile, you probably won't want to drive farther, but in case you end up farther west... Yogurt Factory on Santa Monica near Bundy has 2-4 Wow Cow flavors daily. I also love their machines... always produce a nice creamy, never icy, product.

        Closer to you in Beverly Place Yogurt at Beverly and Crescent Heights, but this place is expensive...

        1. re: Emme

          that little Beverly Place shop always gave me the willies...i never felt like it was very clean in there. but you're right about Yogurt Factory - much better than Bigg Chill, IMHO.

          edit to my earlier comment - Angelina was my favorite "standard" yogurt shop in LA...but *nothing* is better than Sno:LA!

      2. There's a location in Beverly Hills. It's on the east side of Bedford Drive between Brighton and Little Santa Monica.

        430 N Bedford Dr
        Beverly Hills, A 90210